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Badger Wheeled Unit Fire Extinguisher 150 lb BC, Stored Pressure

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Extreme hazard sites, like airports, give new meaning to the necessity of quick, adequate response. Badger Wheeled Units deliver on all counts.

The wheeled units get the fire-fighting chemicals to the site fast. Plus, they,re easy to maneuver even in tight spaces. Badger Wheeled Units are used most often in petroleum plants, airports, large storage facilities, construction sites and equipment depots, but they also work and are needed in many other settings.

Features and Specifications:
  • Line: Wheeled
  • Size: 50 lbs.
  • Model Number: 50RB
  • UL Rating: 160B:C
  • Effective Against Class: Regular
  • Height (in/cm): 46.25
  • Width (in/cm): 23
  • Discharge Time (sec): 45
  • Discharge Range (ft): 30 to 40
  • Operating Pressure (PSI): 240 PSI
  • Cylinder Material: Steel
  • Badger's industrial fire extinguishers and chemical fire suppression systems are among the best in the fire protection industry.

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