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9V Batteries, Energizer Industrial - Case: 72

$84.25 / Case (72 Batteries)
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The 9V battery has been traditionally used as the default battery. Introduced in 1956 some of the common uses are in devices such as alarm clocks, smoke detectors, and radios. Characterized by a snap top and high voltage, the 9V battery has become one of the toughest, most heavy-duty batteries in all of the alkaline family. This battery has a female and a male end that can be used for things as powerful as a smoke detector or as minimal as a child's remote control car. These batteries have been known to last in extreme temperatures with no mercury added, and still contained strength after being held in storage for up to 7 years. There are many household applications for the 9 Volt batteries but there are commercial uses as well. Some of the industries that depend on these alkaline industrial sources of power are: Telemetry, Blood Glucose Monitor, Blood Pressure/Pulse Monitor, External Infusion Pumps, Pulse Oximeter, Portable Communications, Cameras, Audio Devices, High-Powered Flashlights, Pagers, TV Remote Controls, and Electronic Door locks.

  • Sold by Case = 72 Batteries
  • Maintains Power While In Storage
  • Common in Smoke Detectors and Alarm Clocks
  • No Added Mercury

From rechargeable batteries and lithium batteries to battery chargers, Energizer is a global leader in portable power.

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