New Products For Early 2012

June 22nd, 2012 Comments off

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since we’ve updated our blog, but we’ve been hard at work updating our websites to make it easier to find what you’re looking for. We also decided to really focus in on what we’re really good at selling – personal safety gear, like hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, and vests. We started adding things like office supplies and furniture late last year, but have realized that’s not what you guys really want to see. Who comes to a safety supply store to buy office furniture??

So instead we revamped the site to focus primarily on safety and headed out to World of Concrete earlier this year in search of the best safety products. After spending two days walking the floor in search of new potential suppliers, we managed to find several promising candidates. We have already added products from several of the suppliers we met and are working on adding the rest soon. Here’s a look at what has been added so far:

CrossFire Safety Glasses – This was my favorite find at the WoC convention. Why? Because these things are awesome! I even purchased a pair of polarized glasses for myself. Not because I need to wear safety glasses on a daily basis, but because they look good and they don’t cost much. Thirty bucks for a pair of polarized safety glasses? Who wouldn’t take that deal? Plus, even though I probably don’t need the safety aspect of these glasses, it can’t hurt to have the added protection. I kind of like being able to see, it’s pretty useful.

Seymour Paint – Ok fine, paint isn’t technically a safety product. But we’ve been selling Krylon paint for pretty much forever, so we decided adding some new paint suppliers would be a good idea. Seymour offers a wide variety of spray paints, but since we just added them as a supplier, we’ve only added their marking paint so far. They’re a small player in the spray paint world compared to Krylon and Rust-Oleum, but we figured we’d give them a shot. Their athletic field paint is cheaper than Krylon’s, so if you’re looking for some I’d recommend trying them out.

Vinatronics Safety Clothing – Vinatronics is even smaller than Seymour, but we just can’t pass up an opportunity to sell safety vests, Vinatronic’s biggest seller. Many of their safety vests are made in the U.S., which is their biggest selling point. Along with vests, Vinatronics also has other high visibility clothing, such as sweatshirts, pants, and shirts.

We’ve also been looking into expanding our product lines for some of our existing suppliers, so check back soon for new updates.

Add Some Personality to Your Cubicle

December 8th, 2011 Comments off

Chances are you work in a cubicle, the workplace of the 21st century.  Your cubicle is your home away from home for 40 hours or more a week and it likely looks as inviting as a prison, and as stimulating as any bare walls in your apartment. Bling up your office space with some distinctive accessories that will add personality and motivation to your work space – just don’t make it look too much like your college dorm room.

Before you begin to let your creative hands working on your space, let’s consider some things first:

Remember that less is more when it comes to personalizing your space. You do not want to create distractions for you or your neighbors while you are trying to work. If you will be expecting clients to visit, keep things conservative so as to not offend anyone.

  • Accessorize your space with some motivational signs and art. They are great conversation pieces and may help give you or others inspiration.
  • Proudly display family photos, awards and certificates with your favorite frame, and while you’re at it, why not support your NBA team this season with a NBA hard hat.
  • Keep your schedule on time with a desk clock that also functions as a pen/pencil holder (also available in black).

Items like these are great conversation pieces and allow your clients and co-workers to see what you enjoy.  Don’t bring in items that are going to distract you, keep it professional and simple when decorating your office. By following some of this advice, you can help make your space as well as the entire office a more enjoyable place to be!

Fight Off Colds this Winter with Purell Hand Sanitizer!

October 21st, 2011 Comments off

With the temperatures getting cooler, your risk of getting a cold or the flu goes up.  Reduce your chances of getting sick by keeping Purell on hand at all times.  It comes in so many forms, from individual bottles to hand wipes that it is easy to stay on top of sanitizing your hands.

The results of a 2010 Purell survey showed that 55 percent of Americans would rather touch a public toilet seat than shake the hand of someone who had coughed or sneezed into it.  Instead of avoiding touching others, use an alcohol based sanitizer like Purell, which is proven to kill 99.9% of the most common germs that cause illness.

It’s always important to keep your hands clean and hygienic, but there are especially important times to use hand sanitizer.

Sanitize before doing these activities:

  • Cooking
  • Eating
  • Treating wounds or giving medicine
  • Touching somebody who is sick or injured

Sanitize after doing these activities:

  • Using the restroom
  • Sneezing
  • Coughing
  • Shaking hands
  • Visiting a school or day care
  • Touching money
  • Touching parts of public machines (i.e. ATMs, railings, elevator buttons, etc.)
  • Handling garbage
  • Touching animals

By following these tips, you and your loved ones can work happier and live healthier.

Waste Management Solutions

October 12th, 2011 Comments off

Keep your workplace clean inside and out with an assortment of trash receptacles.  It is important to have enough for all of your workers, as well as different containers for recycling, trash, ash, and sanitary products.  Here is a list of the items you need to have at your office:

Maintain the cleanliness of the area outside of your business with an ash receptacle.  We offer many styles, including products that feature both a smoking urn and a trash receptacle in one, which is ideal for entryways and other smoking areas.

For bathrooms, a sanitary napkin receptacle is necessary.  There are options for restrooms both big and small, which make it easy to get the perfect trash receptacle for your workplace.  To save space, a wall mounted receptacle is ideal.

Wastebaskets are great for putting under desks and counters for easy access.  The small size makes them space efficient, economical, and easy to clean.  There are even fire resistant wastebaskets that are made of fiberglass and are perfect for industrial facilities where burning or melting is a concern.

Make sure that your workers are recycling by proving the proper recycling containers.  There is everything from simple recycling boxes to multi-compartment receptacles that allow you to separate different recyclable materials.

No matter what waste management solutions you go with, it is important make sure you have the proper can liners and garbage bags you need to make clean-up easy and fast.

Full Source has all of the waste management products you need, from trash cans to garbage bags, at great low prices to make it easy for you to keep you office clean and tidy!

Personal Protective Equipment for Welders

October 5th, 2011 Comments off

Working around heat and flames can be hazardous, which means welding without the proper equipment can be both dangerous and unhealthy.  However, if you get the protection you need risk of injury is greatly reduced.  If you are a welder, be sure that you have these items:

Welding Goggles:  Welding goggles are different than traditional safety goggles because they offer a special lens that blocks out intense ultraviolet and infrared light while still protecting your eyes from heat and impact.  A great option is the Crews Flip Front Welding Goggles, because the dark welding lens can be flipped up to reveal clear lens for when you aren’t welding but still need protection.

Welding Helmets:  Welding helmets are a great way to get full head protection.  They are both heat and scratch resistant, and feature a viewing window that protects just as well as welding goggles.  Our welding helmets are made by Fibre-Metal, so you can be sure of the quality and construction.  There are several options from the basic to the bold, so be sure to check out all of the welding helmets we have available.

Leather Gloves:  Avoid exposing your hands to heat and flames with a pair of leather welding gloves.  There are different colors and styles to choose from, so it is easy to find a pair that is perfect for you.  One of the most popular options are the Industry Grade Welders Gloves by Memphis Gloves, because they are made of a heavy leather sewn with Kevlar which makes them super strong and long lasting.

Clothing and Accessories:  Prevent burns with welding clothing and accessories.  There are many styles to choose from, such as welding sleeves, welding jackets, welding aprons, and welding bibs.  This Red Ram Leather Welding Jacket is a great option for most, since it protects both the arms and the torso and is made out of chrome tanned leather for softness and durability.

Respirators:  Welders can be exposed to dangerous gases and particles, so if you think you are being exposed to unhealthy fumes, a respirator is a necessity.  The best welding respirator option is the North Safety’s CFR-1 model, which blocks out harmful smoke and particulate matter while providing cooler breathing and maximum comfort.

Pack for the Perfect Picnic!

August 17th, 2011 Comments off

The end of summer is rapidly approaching, so take advantage of the last few weeks by spending as much time as possible outside.  A great way to do that is to have a picnic!  You only need a few supplies to take your meal outdoors, so we have compiled a checklist to ensure that you don’t forget any of the essentials when you dine in the wild!

Table Cloth:  A plastic table cloth is a much better option than the traditional blanket, because when it gets dirty from the ground and spilled food there is no need to worry about clean-up!  A great option is a white bio-degradable table cover.

Disposable Dinnerware:  Eat with ease with plastic cutlery and disposable plates and bowls!  We have a great selection of disposable dinnerware for you to choose from, including sporks, foam bowls, paper plates, and more!

Disposable Cups:  Plastic or foam cups are a great way to keep your drink handy on the go.  they come in a range of sizes, colors, and materials, so choose the ones that work best for the drinks you are planning on taking.

Napkins:  Clean up spills and keep faces tidy with napkins.  These beverage napkins are the perfect size, and made of 100% recycled materials.

Garbage Bags:  Clean up is a breeze with all of these disposable dining products!  Just bring along a garbage bag for scraps and trash when you are done eating.

Once you have all of your picnic supplies, you will be ready to enjoy the last days of summer to their fullest!


Update Your Office With New Furniture!

May 17th, 2011 Comments off

With summer approaching it can be harder to stay in the office all day, so making sure that you are as comfortable as possible is a great way to combat that.  Do this by having an office makeover, and get all of the things necessary to make the office a home away from home.

Chairs and Sofas: Office chairs are important because many employees spend 40 hours a week sitting in the same chair all day.  If you are a price-conscious consumer but still want a high quality product, try the York Series Black Leather Desk Chair.  Are you a fan of the traditional look?  Then a Wing-Back Swivel Chair in mahogany leather is a timeless option.  To easily add extra seating to your office, a Leather Sofa is a comfortable choice.

Desks: A good desk is important because it provides a surface for your computer, phone, and other objects you need on hand to do your job. The Seville Series Desk with cherry and charcoal finish is spacious and contemporary, and is built to last.  For a more traditional look a Double Pedestal Desk will give your office a classic, upscale vibe.  To conserve space, a Corner Desk is a great way to maximize your work area without taking up too much of your office.

Bookshelves and Cabinets:  Shelving and cabinets keeps your office clean and organized.  The most common kind of office storage is a filing cabinet, since it is perfect for keeping all of your important papers orderly and on hand.  A bookshelf ensures that any books used regularly are right where you need them while providing room decoration.  Just need basic shelving that will be durable enough to withstand anything you put on it? Try industrial shelving, to give your office a neat, professional look.

Room Décor: Room accessories can turn a boring office into a place that you will actually enjoy coming to.  Frame any important certificates such as awards or diplomas in a handsome rosewood photo frame.  A desk lamp ensures that you can easily see when reading or writing.  Want some greenery around the office, but don’t have time to water? Try artificial plants and flowers, such as white lilies in a glass vase.

Whether you need  a complete office overhaul or just a few touches to make your workspace a little more comfortable, we have plenty of options for you.  And don’t forget to donate your old office furniture to a local charity, such as the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or local organizations such as schools, community centers, or libraries.

Can Disposable Products be Eco-Friendly?

March 30th, 2011 Comments off

Every year, millions of disposable cups, plates and paper towels are used by restaurants, businesses, event guests and average home consumers. The convenience of disposable products is undeniable, but their effect on the earth is now coming into question.

Major manufacturers are stepping up to the challenge by creating lines of eco-friendly paper products, and eco-friendly dinnerware. Some of the top brands making green disposable products are Chinet, Solo, Kleenex, Scott, Windsoft, Eco-Products and Dixie. It’s becoming easier to find everything from disposable cleaning wipes to plastic cutlery that are earth-friendly.

What makes these products environmentally-friendly? Many of these green disposable products are made from recycled materials, including post-consumer recycled content. You can also find paper products and other disposable items that are biodegradable or compostable in landfills.

Using eco-friendly disposable products gives you a sense of ease and convenience in everyday life, while still playing a role in protecting the environment.

Workers Not Wearing Safety Gear?

March 4th, 2011 Comments off

According to national surveys, worker non-compliance with PPE (personal protective equipment) is up.

What are some of the reasons behind this?

-Workers simply choosing not to wear safety gear

-Site supervisors not wearing safety gear as an example, and workers follow suit

-Not enough safety gear for all workers on a site

-Workers claim they don’t have time to put on PPE at the beginning of their shift

The areas of PPE most neglected by workers are:

-Eye protection (workers neglecting to wear safety glasses or safety goggles)

-Hearing protection (workers not wearing ear muffs or ear plugs)

-Hand protection (workers not wearing work gloves, or not wearing the recommended work gloves for their specific tasks)

-Head protection (workers neglecting to wear hard hats or bump caps)

All of these are things that can be simply fixed. OSHA has been imposing huge fines lately for safety violations, and these excuses are not acceptable. Some site manager impose rewards for workers who consistently wear their proper safety gear. Another method is having workers watch safety training dvds that are relevant to their daily activities. These dvds can stress the importance of wearing safety gear in a way that’s informative and interesting. The bottom line is: worker safety should not be compromised for any reason.

Ways to Save Money on Office Supplies

February 16th, 2011 Comments off

There are simple ways to cut down on the cost of office supplies. These savings can really add up over the course of a year.

1. Order Office Supplies in Bulk – These easiest way to save money is by ordering supplies in large quantities. In most cases, the more supplies you buy, the lower the cost is per item. The best supplies to buy in bulk are ones that are used by a majority of employees, like file folders, binders and pens. Disposable office supplies like paper and labels are also much cheaper when purchased in bulk quantities.

2. Buy Office Supplies Less Often – Have a list set-up where office supplies are kept for employees to write down requested items. Also encourage employees to add supplies to the list when they notice something is running low. When you order supplies less often, you can save on bigger, bulk orders. Some companies also offer discounted shipping over certain amounts, so you can also save on shipping by ordering more at once.

3. Order Generic Office Supplies – Like many other consumer goods, some office supply manufacturers charge more for a name. You boss may have their favorite brand of pens, but when it comes to supplies like 3-ring binders, index cards and dividers, different brands are almost identical. Try out one economy brand each time you order office supplies.

4. Share Office Supplies – Believe it or not, some employees may still find this a foreign concept. You may be constantly re-ordering supplies, like dry-erase markers or note pads, that are being hoarded in a few cubicles. Encourage employees to take only the office supplies they need, and intend on using in the near future. You can save on ordering dozens of office supplies over the course of a year.

Put these tips into effect and see savings on your office supply costs. Whether you are running a small business, or want to impress your boss, saving money for your company is always a good thing.

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