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Custom Jackson Safety Hard Hats

Jackson Safety Logo Shop offers premium company logo hard hats. It has never been easier to customize your hard hats.

Quality Printing
Custom Jackson Safety hard hats present your logo in the highest quality. Pad printed logos are permanent and will not peel crack or fade like a decal or sticker.

Order Size
Blockhead hard hats must be ordered in increments of 1 case (10 hard hats) after the initial 3 case minimum order. All other styles of Jackson Safety hard hats must be ordered in minimum of 2 cases (12 hard hats) and then increments of 1 case after the initial 3 cases.

No hidden charges. No set-up charges. No artwork charges.

Jackson Safety Logo Shop offers fast delivery of company logo hard hats!

Vivid Colors
Our advanced pad print technology allows us to print crisp, clear logos in up to six colors and in eight locations.

Custom Jackson Safety Hard Hats

Get Started Now! There are just five easy steps.

Step 1.

Choose the Jackson Safety hard hat you want to customize.

Step 2.

If possible, get a digital version of your logo.
Check with the person that made the logo, they probably have something that will work. Or, try the printer who prints your business cards. You are looking for vector or line art. This is usually a file with an extension of .eps, .ai and sometimes .pdf. (Do not worry if this is a file type you can not open, just send it to us and we will check it out for you.) If a .jpeg, .tiff or .pdf file is all that is available, Bullard will need to re-create your logo, but there is no charge for this. It does, however, increase the time it takes to create a proof for you.

Step 3.

Determine colors and locations.
In many cases, this is included in the digital version of your logo. Because color is highly subjective, and different computers and printers show colors differently, the Pantone Matching System (PMS) is the universally accepted system used to identify colors. Please specify the PMS color for each color in your logo. Your logo can be printed in any of eight locations on your hat: middle of the front, middle of the back, front and back temples, and the sides.

Step 4.

Please fill out the Custom Hard Hat Quote Form and a customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours during regular business hours.

Step 5.

Once you agree to the custom quote contact us to create a sales order. Then, approve the proof when it arrives and we'll have your custom hard hats on their way to you in a few days.

Customized Hard Hats

Still have questions?
Send us the logo files you do have. We can re-create your logo from a high-quality print piece at no additional charge, though this will add a little time to the process.
Our Logo Shop is happy to work with you to help you get the best looking logo on your custom hard hats.

Having trouble or need additional help? Please contact our customer service directly at:

E-mail: info@fullsource.com

Phone: 1-800-975-0986

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  • Bump Caps (7)
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  • Cap Style (39)
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  • High Visibility (4)
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  • Blue (8)
  • Gray (5)
  • Green (8)
  • Orange (10)
  • Pink (2)
  • Red (7)
  • White (6)
  • Yellow (7)
  • -Series
  • BC100 (7)
  • BlockHead (7)
  • Charger (19)
  • SC-6 (7)
  • Sentry III (13)
  • -ANSI Certification
  • ANSI Type I (46)
  • Non-ANSI (7)
  • -Suspension
  • Pinlock (21)
  • Ratchet (32)
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