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Duracell PROCELL Alkaline Batteries, D Size - 12 Batteries

$10.59 / Pack (12 Batteries)
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Pay less for Duracell PROCELL D size batteries when you shop here! These alkaline D batteries from Duracells industrial PROCELL product line can be used in flashlights, radios, and more. Designed for dependable, long-lasting power, you can trust Duracell PROCELL D batteries for all kinds of professional applications.
Features of Duracell PROCELL Batteries:
* Bulk packaging is cost-efficient for professional applications * Up to a 7-year freshness guarantee * Contains no added mercury * Operates reliably in extreme temperatures ( -20 degrees Celsius to 54 degrees Celsius )

Duracell, a top battery brand, offers dependable power through industrial PROCELL batteries in AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V sizes.

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