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Dunlop 87981 Sureflex 6" Steel Toe Rubber Boots

$36.79 / Each (1 Pair)
17 Reviews
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Dunlop 87981 Description

Engineered for high animal fat and chemical resistance with the comfort of a shoe

  • High performance PVC upper is soft and flexible for all day comfort.
  • Safety-Loc outsole is designed for superior traction and wet and slippery surfaces
  • Steel toe complies with ASTM F2413-11 with steel shank
Dunlop 87981 Features:
  • ASTM CERTIFIED - This American standard covers the requirements for the safety performance of footwear. It is to provide protection against a variety of workplace hazards.
  • PROTECTIVE TOE CAP AND PROTECTIVE MIDSOLE- The boots feature a protective toecap and midsole for offering maximum protection against falling and penetrating objects. The built-in protective toecap serves to protect the toes from impacts of an energy level of 125 J and a compression at a load of 11121 N (2500lbf). The protective midsole is positioned in the sole and penetration is prevented until a force of 1200 N (270 lbf). Dunlop boots with a protective toecap and midsole are labelled as Full Safety
  • COMFORTABLE - By design, the boots offer a perfect fit, optimizing comfort for everyday use.
  • WATERPROOF - The boots are 100% waterproof to keep your feet dry under wet and dirty conditions.
  • FUEL OIL RESISTANT - The outsole is resistant against oil, which assures that potentially adverse effects of oily substances on the protective properties of the boots are minimized.
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANT - The boots offer protection against a wide variety of chemicals. The specific application with types of chemicals encountered and conditions faced will determine which boot should be opted for.
  • ENERGY ABSORBING - The boots feature energy absorption of the heel region which limits impact to the foot while walking. The provision of shock absorption capabilities within the footwear minimizes risk of injuries.

Dunlop, a global leader in protective footwear, provides work boots for workers in more than 50 countries across a variety of industries.

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  • Customer Reviews: 17
  • Rating: 4.18 of 5
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Jaidenlee75 - 03/21/19
Exactly Like The Image

I bought these rubber boots and the quality is great. They look exactly like the image, even better in person. Love the boots!

Maryann - 01/28/19
Great Looking Boot For The Price

I look forward to trying them.

Darnley - 01/04/19

Helps prevent me slipping at work.

Robert B - 12/19/18
Toes Not Happy

I like the composition of these boots. The rubber is nice and supple. The sole is great for what i do. The problem I have is with the front of the boots. On both boots where the steel toe wraps around the sides, There is a jagged spot that digs into my feet. I can't wear them for more than an hour before I need to take them off.

C. Bris - 09/09/18
Very Comfortable

I love this boot.

JamesJK - 05/27/18

I wax floors. I have to say these boots are perfect!

Carmelo - 03/09/18

Great fit and comfortable.

John R. - 02/28/18
Keep My Feet Dry

Love the boots but they would be perfect if there weren't so big around the top of the boot.

Michael C. - 02/20/18

Nice boots, comfortable for a rubber boot. The heel is not as a hard as others that I've had.

Charles - 01/25/18
Nice Boot

I really do love this being in a chemical transportation business, easy to put on and a steel toe too.

Scott - 01/12/18
Dunlop Boot

The nice waterproof boot does not fit well around the leg and the laces don't help. Non-slip sole is good as long as tread doesn't feel slippery. Nice to wear for 15 to 20 minutes. Any longer and your lower back and feet will pay.

Louie - 11/27/17

Great boots for the price.

BruceBruce - 09/15/17
Nice Boots

There are nice boots, I'm in them for 40ish hrs a week, in the brewing industry. The feel of the upper rubber is very nice and the soles have a lot of flex right out the box. Sole grip is excellent in dry, wet or soaked in oil or chemicals. Breaking in is zero and true to comfort off the bat. The bad - these come with no insoles so plan on the cost to buy you own. The sizing is almost spot on; however, for me, I had to size up from a 12 to a 13 for toe box comfort. Lastly and most importantly, these say they have a steel shank, however, I would argue that. If they do then its so minimal that it doesn't count. There is an incredible amount of flex in the midsole that makes these some what awkward and flimsy on the feet. Dollar for dollar, they're fine and you get what you paid for.

Work A Lot - 08/15/17

These boots are great very durable and flexible well satisfied.

Nelson Harper - 05/26/16

The water proof held up great I was standing in 2.5 inches of water and still had dry feet.

James J - 04/08/15
A Size Larger

If you go with this steel toe option, I recommend going one size larger for a better fit.

Vashawn - 04/04/14

I love these boots. I work with natural gas for a living and it does the trick for me. Having them steel toed is an added bonus I will be wearing/ordering these boots for the rest of my career

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