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Elvex RX-500C Full Magnifying Lens Safety Glasses with Diopter - Black Frame - Clear Lens

  • Elvex RX-500C Full Magnifying Lens Safety Glasses with Diopter - Black Frame - Clear Lens
Item#: ELV-RX-500C
$8.59 / Each (1 Pair)
(4.6) (4.6) 74 Reviews
74 Reviews
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Elvex RX-500C Full Magnifying Lens Safety Glasses with Diopter - Black Frame - Clear Lens
Item#: ELV-RX-500C
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    $8.59 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $8.59 / Each (1 Pair)
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Elvex RX-500C Full Magnifying Lens Safety Glasses with Diopter - Black Frame - Clear Lens
Item#: ELV-RX-500C
Qty: 0
  • +0.5
    $8.59 / Each (1 Pair)
  • +0.75
    $8.59 / Each (1 Pair)
  • +1.0
    $8.59 / Each (1 Pair)
  • +1.5
    $8.79 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $8.59 / Each (1 Pair)
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Item#: ELV-RX-500C
MPN: RX-500C
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Item#: ELV-RX-500C Description

Another 1st for Elvex®…a full-lens ballistic rated magnifier in a wraparound polycarbonate lens! Patent Pending. Increases productivity of workers who have difficulty seeing close work while providing wraparound protection. Provides high performance and higher level of protection for the user.

Great for welding, electrical and any stationary close assembly applications above and front of workers.

Elvex RX-500C Features:
  • A full-lens ballistic rated magnifier, 50 mm diameter
  • The magnifying lens reduces eye strain and fatigue by eliminating trying to focus through bifocals
  • Increases visual precision during close work tasks in front and above worker
  • A soft, flexible nose bridge and rubber temple tips minimizes slippage providing all day comfort
  • 99.9% UV Protection
  • Complies with ANSI Z87.1-2010 (+), CE-EN-166

Elvex is a leader in stylish safety gear. Trust Elvex for hearing protection, face protection, leg protection, and more.

Item Reviews
  • Total: 74 Reviews
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
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Katie H. - 10/24/20
So much better than bifocals! With the full wrap-around being all reader I was able to wear all day! Loved them so much am looking at another pair!
Richard - 10/17/20
Elvex RX-500C Full Magnifying Lens Safety Glasses
These serve 3 purposes. 1 they are safety glasses. 2 They are full lens not bi-focals. And 3 because the way they wrap without a frame I can see out the side of my eye without the eye having trouble re-focusing they are great I wish they also came in 3.00 too.
Jim - 10/16/20
Just what I needed
I prefer the full lens magnifier as with the cheater I have to constantly try to get the right angle to see what I am doing.
robert h. - 09/26/20
bad lenses
Don't believe lenses were ground correctly they hurt my eyes to wear them!
PL - 09/23/20
4 stars with a big "BUT"
Polycarb's like these, especially with a diopter option, are great but the temples (bows) break too easily. I have broken 4 pair so far. Elvex! Please make the temples stronger and widen the grip on these glasses.
Sheila - 09/17/20
Reading goggles
I wear contacts for distance, very strongly RX. Have to wear reading glasses. Needed something could see computer screen for charting. Have to wear goggles for COVID-19 protection. Ok up close but makes things look curved. So much better than wearing goggles over glasses and a mask.
Terry - 09/11/20
Great shooting glasses
Good field of view, wish they came in other lens colors.
julia - 09/09/20
great safety glasses with full reading lens
I am in the healthcare field and have to wear safety glasses. I also have to wear readers to see my computer. I was tired of wearing both reading glasses and a face shield...fogging up both and unable to see anything! I bought these safety glasses with full magnifying lens and couldn't be happier. They are slightly stronger than what I usually wear (2.0 diopters vs 1.75) but as long as I can see my computer and the patients...that's what counts!! I have shown them to several others in my office who are tired of wearing goggles over their readers and they are going to get a pair for themselves!! And they rarely fog up too! The available safety lenses with just a small partial reading lens at the bottom of the glasses can't compare to these!!
Lele - 08/22/20
Great for my shop work
The whole lens is magnified so you can see various angles without having to mess with your safety glasses.
Nick B. - 08/13/20
W Albright - 07/23/20
Great product
Excellent coverage for safety, comfortable, and good optical clarity, all for a very reasonable price, Highly recommended.
Darren S. - 07/23/20
I ordered two. One for my wife and one for me. I have not used mine. My wife wishes it was all clear plastic.
gene55 - 07/02/20
Just what I was looking for
I ordered 3 pairs of the safety glasses, 1 each of the 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 power cause I wasn't sure which would be best for use in my shop. Turns out that was a great decision cause I found that I use different ones depending on the task. I like the fact that the full viewing area is magnified not just a small bifocal area that I have had in the past.
JBPAUSA - 06/17/20
Wide visibility readers
I have a few scattered around the house. These are my go-to readers for checking the oil or tire pressure on cars, replacing batteries, fixing the grandkids toys, assembling things I purchased, etc. With a wide field of magnified view and the added benefit of safety, these are great.
Jerald S. - 06/16/20
As described
The frame is a good fit, even on my larger-than-normal noggin, and the lenses are clear and engage not only direct frontal vision but a good deal of peripheral vision as well. 8/10. Will probably purchase again.
James T. - 06/14/20
Very great product.
Grant - 06/11/20
Excellent Glasses
Really happy with these glasses - nicely magnified and protective.
Troy M. - 06/03/20
Color Choice
Work outside would like them in shaded options.
Forzaman - 05/26/20
Like Doug said, I also had the earpiece break right at the color transition from gray to black. I got about 4 months out of them. I kept them in a hard case when not in use. Wish they would change the material to a less brittle type. Comfortable and fit well.
Ed T - 05/20/20
Not more fuzzy targets - or sights
I am nearsighted and wear bifocals. This is problematic when target shooting. These glasses are great to help me see while practicing.
David E. - 05/13/20
Elvex Safety Glasses
Good glasses for the shooting range.
Lina - 05/13/20
Perfect Glasses
Good quality on-time delivery.
Doug - 05/12/20
Don't waste your money
I bought 2 pair & the frames on both pairs broke within two weeks. Full Source did refund my purchase & I am trying a different brand.
Russell c. - 05/09/20
I can see now
These glasses are great, good view.
Rosemary J. - 05/01/20
great item
Makes target practice so much easier!
Millwright24 - 04/12/20
Just what I needed
My health and safety rep told me I could no longer use drug store readers while working at my toolbox. I had heard about these from a friend and decided to give them a try. They are perfect or my needs. I can read manuals and not have the "safety cop" get on my case. They are lightweight and comfortable.
HFG - 04/10/20
Meet or exceed expectations
These are a great alternative for needing eye protection and offering reading lenses. They fit well, look great and do the job. I am a health professional using them in the ER in the days of COVID.
Mark - 03/26/20
Elvex RX-500C Full Magnifying Lens Safety Glasses with Diopter
These are great full lens magnifying safety glasses.
fromabove82nd - 02/27/20
Spot on
Just as I hoped they would be...thx.
Lowrider85 - 02/27/20
The best
Have used these for quite a few years, by far the easiest focusing ever, wish they made a higher magnification.
sam - 02/20/20
Work great for my type of work.
Mel F. - 01/30/20
Terrific and then some
Stylish, excellent eye protection in my workshop, and large reader field of view.
Lou R. - 01/02/20
Cheater safety glasses.
These glasses are great for doing miscellaneous jobs around the house. The lighter magnifications allow you to see your work from an arm's length away, where using full magnification (1.5 - 2.0, etc.) is too great. Amazing for painting, cutting in etc.
German - 12/07/19
Full Magnifying Safety Glasses
Excellent product.
jay c. - 12/06/19
perfect for finding front sights on a pistol
Excellent for old people with reading glasses.
BB - 11/08/19
Safety glasses
They work good.
Najarro - 10/09/19
They are full clear lens and they are not too expensive.
kacey - 09/28/19
not able to use them
When I put them on I get dizzy. Optics are really bad.
Mary - 09/07/19
These glasses are very comfortable and are clear when looking through the lens. They also fit my head very well, no slipping. Great buy and reasonable.
PJA - 08/30/19
Safe Again. Very Pleased
Spent my life in construction so I always wore safety glasses. Found myself taking shortcuts in the home shop wearing readers - bad idea. Did not know about safety magnifiers so these are great, improved my vision, can use my new lathe safely.
Rich - 07/30/19
Elvex RX-500C
I bought these so I could see things overhead and not struggle to use regular bifocals. Also, I use them to read the daily paper replacing the not sturdy grocery store readers I was constantly breaking.
Greg S - 05/16/19
Awesome Safety Glasses
Would be awesome if you had a tinted lens version! Bronze or Amber.
Bill S - 05/09/19
Safety glasses
Can't stand the bifocals and these babies ROCK I can actually see stuff at work again.
d allen - 03/30/19
Elvex RX-500c full magnifying Safety glasses
Great buy.
Bert - 02/20/19
Full pane diopter
I didn't read the description closely so got the full-pane diopter with these. They are still very useful to me and comfortable to wear. Optical clarity is excellent out of the package.
Ray - 02/04/19
Great service
Perfect for my aging eyes.
Daniel J. - 01/26/19
Great full lens readers
I love these full lens readers, I would really like them to make more of these with blue (computer) light resistance.
Brian - 01/18/19
Work fine
The full readers work great. Bifocal will not work for overhead work.
Michelle D. - 11/30/18
Operations Manager
These are great! Way better than bifocals any day!
Steve M. - 09/17/18
These glasses work perfect for my job.
Nick - 09/14/18
Great bifocals...entire lens is bifocal not just a small area.
Dominic - 08/22/18
Gives me full vision to work up close
Gives me full vision to work up close and with my head inside enclosed spaces. Full view opposed to bifocal readers, also they are safety glasses!
Carol B. - 05/03/18
Plant Clerk
Employee these were purchased for really likes them.
Mike - 04/23/18
Good product
Everything great. Good quality and definitely a good bifocal.
Bob - 04/15/18
Great Bifocals
The best bifocal safety glasses I ever bought. Very comfortable too.
Sam - 03/01/18
Great bifocals
Glad to have bifocal safety glasses that are ANSI rated.
Mlperez - 02/28/18
Great safety glasses
These glasses are super clear, I can see great with them and very comfortable.
workshop guy - 02/26/18
great glasses
Good eye protection and the magnification is great for working with small items.
Bryan - 02/19/18
Great safety glasses for target shooting
I purchased these glasses to help me see my front sights better. I tried the 1.0 and 1.5 magnification glasses. The 1.0 seems to work best for me. Glasses are well made, stylish and comfortable.
dadsbx - 11/29/17
They work great
Not sure how they were going to work but they are very nice and will probably buy more!
greg - 11/01/17
new glasses
Perfect, no looking down your nose!
fast41 - 09/14/17
Just what I was looking for.
Great pair of safety glasses. Love the full lens, really helps when you need to look up at something. Bought 2 pairs, one for work and one for home.
jbenton - 09/12/17
They work great!
Roger c. - 09/06/17
Just what I expected.
Patel - 09/02/17
best safey glass for cheap price
I would say it is the best alternative for prescription safety glass at a cheap price.
Rick - 08/30/17
Fits good.
Scott - 07/28/17
Finally a full lens magnifier
They fit fairly well and are safety glasses. The big thing for me was finding a full lens magnifier so I didn't have to deal with a bifocal and having the sudden transition from magnified to normal. I'm happy with them.
paul e. - 05/19/17
Elvex RX-500C Full Lens Bifocal Safety Glasses
Love them! I seriously couldn't do my job without them. They are fantastic!
Christine - 05/19/17
Bifocal works well
Very useful, always get several pairs so they can be in various labs.
wmt - 03/14/16
Nice shooting glasses
These work really well because the magnification covers the whole lens instead of just a small area. I'm really pleased.
antonio garcia - 02/15/16
full lens bifocal safety glasses
I am happy with this glasses, but I`ll be more happy if you make them in yellow color. I would buy a lot more from you, I appreciate if you consider my opinion. thank you very much.
mike - 01/08/16
Great Product
The product is working just like I thought. Good quality, quick shipping and now I can work on projects with out having to take my glasses on and off and my eyes are always protected.
Far sighted shooter - 11/24/15
Good solution to view sights and target
Only glasses I located with full lens magnification. I use 2.25X for reading, but when shooting this magnification leaves the targets very fuzzy. With 1X I still can see the sights clearly and targets out to 75 feet still are in focus.
Bob G - 11/05/15
Great safety glasses- Rare Full view magnification
These are full view magnification over the entire lens, not just at the bottom, like regular bi-focals. Just what I was looking for. Very pleased.
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