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Krylon Dura-Top Epoxy Floor Coating

Two Component System

Designed to be used as a durable top coat for industrial floors, Kyrlon Dura-Top epoxy floor coating is a two part coating that provides a seamless, high gloss finish on floors that is highly durable and provides good chemical resistance.

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Krylon K0540

Krylon Dura-Top Epoxy Floor Coating (K0540 Series) - Part A

Item#: KRY-K0540
$314.40 / Each
5 stars out of 5 stars (1)
Krylon K05409005 16

Krylon K05409005-16 Dura-Top Epoxy Floor Coating - Hardener - Part B

Item#: KRY-K05409005-16
$209.60 / Each (2 Count)

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