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Memphis N9696 Ninja Lite Gloves - 18 Gauge Lightweight Nylon Shell - Black Polyurethane Coating

$2.45 / Each (1 Pair)
12 Reviews
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MCR Safety Ninja gloves are engineered to provide the highest level of innovation. Each of the offerings in the Ninja series include a unique shell and polymer combination incorporating the latest in hand protection technology. Our Ninja Glove Line offers the greatest assortment of dexterity, sense of touch, and protection. The Ninja Lite features an 18 gauge blue nylon shell and black PU coated palm and fingertips.

Memphis N9696 Features:
  • 18 Gauge Athletic Grade Nylon Shell
  • PU Coated Palm and Fingertips
  • Durable Bi-polymer coating
  • CE Score 4131
  • Feather-light second skin feeling
  • 30% Lighter for Greater Tactile Sensitivity

Applications: Abrasive applications, Assembly purpose

Memphis Glove, the work glove division of MCR Safety, offers leather gloves, cotton gloves, string knit gloves, and other industrial work gloves.

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  • Customer Reviews: 12
  • Rating: 4.7 of 5
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Quenton L - 09/10/13
Extremely Light!

I can't believe how light these are. It's crazy! I picked these up and they really feel like nothing at all. Not sure how much protection they provide, but I can't get over how much they DON'T weight!

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Mikey - 12/20/13

Very good for working around hot greasey eng parts. Cleans up easy with a little soap at the end of the day. Great for any job that calls for good grip or sense of touch.

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Javi - 02/11/14

The gloves are excellent, just wish they lasted longer than 3 days of work at ups . Overall I will continue to purchase these gloves. Highly recommended.

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Plastic Molder - 07/08/14
Work Glove

Great for handling hot plastic parts and using trimming knives and clippers.

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Shill - 08/06/14

Tactile feel is excellant

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Hardwork 24/7 - 08/12/14
Just What The Doctor Ordered

These gloves performed well and exceptional good. Just what the doctor ordered.

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Steve - 08/13/15
Great Glove

Nimble, flexible, tactile. Comfortable cuff, does not leave compression rings at wrist.

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Cam - 11/27/15
All Purpose Glove.

This is a great glove for any light duty project. These gloves are thin and easy to work in. Yet, they give a nice bit of grip as well as protection to the hands.

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Susan - 02/29/16
Ninja Gloves

They're great to work in hot weather with, but cannot hold up to the hustle and bustle work of a postal carrier. Better than nothing tho. The finger tips wear easy.

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Camie Throneberry - 03/21/16
Better Than Work

better than what is offered at work

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Steph - 04/14/16
Great Feel, Sensitivity And Protection

Perfect for cut-resistance and detail work. Extremely comfortable and breathable, with the perfect protection for the work we do. I am on this site because the crew picked this as their favorite among the samples we bought, so I'm ordering more!

Was this review helpful? - Yes

Jen - 06/23/16
Good Gloves

I love these gloves! They are very comfy!

Was this review helpful? - Yes

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