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OK-1 Joint Supports

Wrist & Elbow Supports

Keep your joints limber and pain free with OK-1 joint supports. These wrist and elbow supports relieve pressure and keep you working longer without paint. OK-1 is now owned by OccuNomix but continues to offer several products under its own brand.

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Ok 1 Ok Ews

OK-1 EWS Wrist Wrap

$2.29 / Each
Occunomix Ok Kp 100lo

OK-1 KP-100LO Slip On Full Knee Pad

Item#: OCCU-OK-KP-100LO
$26.49 / Each
Occunomix Ok Kp 100sh

OK-1 KP-100SH Slip On Knee Pad

Item#: OCCU-OK-KP-100SH
$17.29 / Each
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