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Marking Flags

Shop Presco plain or custom logo marking flags. Many flag colors, styles and staff lengths available in wire or plastic.

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Custom Marking Flags by Presco and How You Can Design Your Own

Custom Marking Flags by Presco and How You Can Design Your Own

Custom marking flags allows you to raise awareness for you or your company. Choose the flag size, staff length, flag color, ink color and more. Put your logo, text, phone number or message. Applications include utilities, school events, landscaping, parks, ect.

Why To Use Marking Flags And Call Before You Dig

Why To Use Marking Flags And Call Before You Dig

You can customize our Presco brand of quality marking flags with a company name, logo, or text. Adding these customized features helps your flags to stand out and promotes your business. During the winter months, it helps to mark important features that are either obscured or hidden by snow.

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Marking Flags

Unsure of which color flag you need? Presco marking and utility flags have colors that correspond to specific jobs. We offer a variety of utility marking flags in different colors and staff lengths. These colors match APWA (American Public Works Association) Uniform Color Codes for temporary marking of underground utilities.

Marking Flag Color Guide

  • White: proposed excavation
  • Pink: temporary survey markings
  • Red: electric power lines, cable, conduit, and lightning cables
  • Yellow: gas-oil-steam, petroleum, and gaseous materials
  • Orange: communications, telephone, cable tv, alarm, and signal uses
  • Blue: potable water
  • Purple: reclaimed water, irrigation, and slurry
  • Green: sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and drain lines

Pennant Flags

Shop our selection of quality Presco pennant flags. We offer multi and solid color flag strands. These flags are perfect for sporting events, grand openings, and construction sites. They are available in either 60 or 100-foot strand lengths.

Wire Staff Flags

One of the most popular and durable forms of marker flags are wire staff flags that use a high-carbon alloy steel. Wire staff flags work well in many applications, especially in difficult terrain or rugged conditions such as a construction site. The high-carbon alloy steel adds tensile strength and a better bend resistance to the flags. We offer Presco wire staff flags in various staff and flag sizes. We also have a large selection of flag colors and even ones with reflective stripes for nighttime viewing. All of the Presco stake flags are sold in quantities of either 100 flags per bundle or for larger jobs, 1000 flags per case.

Custom Printed Marking Flags

Presco custom printed marking flags is the best way to personalize and customize flags with your business or company name, logo or important information. We offer three different sizes of customizable marking flags ranging from 2x3, 4x5, and 5x8. The flags are available in your choice of plastic or wire staff and select from a variety of flag colors including standard utility marking colors and several different ink choices. We can also print dozens of standard messages such as electric, gas, sewer, survey, telephone, TV/CATV and water. All custom printed marking flags have a $15.00 set-up fee for new orders.

Plain Marking Flags

Browse our selection of plain colored marking flags with optional plastic or wire staffs. We carry a large selection of Presco plain marking flags with various colors and staff lengths available. Flags come in sizes 2x3, 4x5, or 5x8 inch and are ideal for many locating purposes.

Plastic Staff Marking Flags

When wire staff marking flags cannot be used we offer a large selection of plastic staff marking flags by Presco. The flags provide extra safety around children or heavy machinery and are sold in multiple flag colors, sizes, and staff lengths. Several staff lengths are available, including 18, 21, 24 and 30-inch staffs.

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