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FR Clothing

Work with or near flames? Our line of FR Clothing has you covered with coveralls, shirts, pants, jackets, and more to keep you protected.

FR Clothing Brands

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What OSHA Compliant PPE Gear Means for You

What OSHA Compliant PPE Gear Means for You

Because there is often some confusion about what makes an item OSHA compliant versus ANSI, NRR, or FR rated gear, let's explore the differences and meanings.

Arm Yourself with Bulwark FR Clothing

Arm Yourself with Bulwark FR Clothing

Bulwark FR clothing is one of the world's largest manufacturer of flame resistant apparel. Explore some of the finest FR apparel on the market with a wide variety. Regardless of the shape and size, you can make sure to cover everyone. Includes shirts, pants, outwear, high visibility, women's clothing, and accessories.

The Difference Between AR and FR Bulwark Clothing

The Difference Between AR and FR Bulwark Clothing

When it comes to staying safe on the job it is important to know which PPE gear is appropriate for your needs. This is especially true when it comes to AR (Arc Flash Rated) and FR (Flame Resistant) Bulwark clothing.

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High Visibility FR Clothing

Shop our large selection of affordable hi-vis flame resistant clothing in orange and yellow/lime. This style of clothing combines the benefits of high visibility colors with the extra safety of being flame resistant. FR clothing is made with quality flame resistant properties and does meet various ANSI class ratings. We carry many styles of hi-viz FR clothing including vests, safety shirts, and jackets from top brands like ML Kishigo and OccuNomix.

FR Safety Vests

There are two main types of FR safety vests we carry. The first style is the FR treated vest which means the vest has been chemically treated to protect against flames. This tends to be the most economical line of FR vests and is available in hi-vis colors and several different styles. The second style of FR safety vest is the inherent FR vest which is made with inherently FR materials. These vests generally cost more but provide an overall better flame resistance. Flame resistant safety vests are available in a range of sizes and ANSI class ratings from top manufacturers like Radians, PIP, and OccuNomix.

FR Coveralls

For safety gear with more body coverage and protection against flames, FR coveralls by industry leaders such as MCR, Bulwark, and OccuNomix provide several different styles. There are disposable, insulated, and reflective styles, as well as several different HRC rated flame resistant coveralls to choose from. Full body FR protection is increased when you wear flame resistant shirts and jackets with the coveralls and many of these garments meet the requirements of the NFPA 2112 standard.

FR Shirts

Flame resistant clothing is designed to keep you safe and protected from flames while at work. Shop our selection of durable and stylish FR treated shirts in both men and women's sizes. We carry button down, henley, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more. There is a range of affordable options from brands like Bulwark's Excel series, as well as MCR Safety and OccuNomix. There are flame resistant shirts that are casual work shirts and more formal options like the button down dress shirt in various sizes, colors, and HRC ratings.

FR Pants

Protect the lower half of your body with our selection of FR pants designed with optional HRC and NFPA 2112 standard ratings. Flame resistant clothing and apparel are made to be durable and keep you safe. Tough work pants and denim jeans come with different levels of flame resistance and in a range of styles and sizes. Popular brands like Blaklader, Bulwark Excel series, and MCR offer protective FR pants effective in protecting you from flames.

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