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High Visibility Clothing

From shirts and pants to jackets and sweatshirts, we've got you covered when it comes to orange and yellow high visibility clothing.

High Visibility Clothing Brands

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Safety Sweatshirts - High Visibility Hoodies

Safety Sweatshirts - High Visibility Hoodies

Lightweight safety sweatshirts are ideal for layering or wearing on their own. Hi-vis orange and yellow/lime with silver reflective stripes make most safety sweatshirts ANSI class 2 or 3 rated. There is a variety of styles, brands, and sizes available for both men and women.

Brace Yourselves, Winter is Coming - A Brief Overview of Safety Jackets

Brace Yourselves, Winter is Coming - A Brief Overview of Safety Jackets

Safety jackets feature high visibility colors such as yellow/lime or orange. Then the added reflective stripes keep visibility at a maximum. Perfect for working in inclement weather or during night time. The safety jackets we'll break down are bomber jackets, black bottom jackets, and safety sweatshirts and their benefits.

The Original Hi-Viz Experts - ML Kishigo

The Original Hi-Viz Experts - ML Kishigo

When you want true high visibility safety apparel, look no further than ML Kishigo. For 40 years they have been one of the leading manufacturers of high vis gear. Produced in the USA, they value quality, comfort, and innovation.

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Black Bottom Safety Shirts

Our selection of black bottom safety shirts not only keep you visible while at work, they are also ANSI class 2 compliant and available in high visibility orange and yellow/lime. The black bottom helps to hide dirt and grime while the hi-vis colors and silver reflective tape on the top of the shirt help you remain safe and visible. We have several styles, sizes and low price options from name brands.

Reflective Safety Pants

Staying visible while on the job, in the dark, or in difficult weather conditions may require full body protection with reflective safety pants. We sell a wide range of reflective safety pants in styles like waterproof, shin reflectors, gaiters, insulated and more. Our hi-viz yellow/lime or orange reflective pants are ANSI class E compliant. When combined and worn with high visibility class 2 shirts or garments the entire outfit becomes ANSI class 3 compliant.

Economy Safety Jackets

Stay warm during winter and the cold weather season with our selection of low priced economy safety jackets. Save money and protect yourself from the cold and wind with layered high visibility sweatshirts, vests, and jackets. Many styles are available in hi-viz orange and yellow/lime with silver reflective tape and options like extra pockets, hoods, liners, and all are cheaply priced from makers like ML Kishigo, PIP, and Radians.

High Visibility Hats

Keep the sun out of your eyes and stay warm in the cold weather with our selection of high visibility hats. Shop our various styles from ball caps, beanies, knit, and ranger hats. Some include silver reflective tape that helps to increase visibility and are in hi-viz orange and yellow/lime colors.

High Visibility Gloves

We offer thousands of styles of hand protection and safety gloves. Some of our top brands like ERB, Memphis, PIP, and North also have high visibility glove options. Hi-Vis orange and yellow/lime gloves with options like extra grip, latex or leather palms, insulated, and more are available at affordable prices.

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