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Caution Tape

Get your message across with caution tape. Choose from a variety of tapes and messages or customize with your own text or logo.

Caution Tape Brands

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Standard Tape

Shop our large selection and variety of standard caution tape. We stock many styles of standard caution tape from manufacturers like Presco, Ergodyne, and ERB. The tape is available with different legends such as "CAUTION", "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS", "DANGER DO NOT ENTER", "DANGER", and much more. There is also a variety of lengths, colors and comes in a range of thickness from 2 to 5 mil.

Custom Printed Tape

We are able to add customization or personalized text or logos to barricade tape from Presco. To place an order we do require a 36 roll minimum and the printing is one color. The printing is repeated every 28 inches and is done on a heavy duty 4 mil polyethylene tape which is 3 inches X 1000 feet. There is also a one-time $115 set-up fee for new artwork so save even more money and order in bulk.

Reflective Caution Tape

Having high-visibility wording in reflective ink helps to increase visibility both during the day and especially at night on caution and barricade tape. We carry a large selection of reflective tapes in various colors and ranging in thickness from 2.5 to 3 mil. Pre-printed tapes with stock styles like "CAUTION", "DANGER", and "POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS" and more are available.

High Visibility Caution Tape

We carry a selection of orange and yellow/lime Hi-Vis caution or barricade tape in a 3 mil thickness. The tape features fluorescent colors which make it easy for them to stand out in bad weather or poor lighting conditions. Both colors feature the word "CAUTION" and are 500 feet in length.

Woven Caution Tape

Designed for durability, woven caution tape is made from polypropylene, which features a tensile strength of 500 pounds while only being 2 inches wide. This style of tape is much more tear resistant than standard caution tape. Our woven tape is available in both red and yellow and is affordably priced.

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