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Hearing Protection

Protect your ears while you work with our hearing protection! We have ear plugs ear muffs, banded caps and other styles of ear protection at low prices.

Hearing Protection Brands
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Ear Muffs

Designed to protect your ears from damage during prolonged periods of loud noise, our large selection of ear muffs come in hundreds of styles, colors, and models to protect you on the job site. We carry ear muffs by popular brands such as Howard Leight, PIP, Radians and ERB. They offer styles like high visibility, foldable, electronic, cap mounted, and adjustable.

Ear Plugs

The most economical and versatile style of ear protection we carry are ear plugs. Ear plugs are more affordable and less bulky on the job site than traditional ear muffs and offer protection against loud, damaging noises. We do have plugs that are noise reduction rated (NRR) and suited for a variety of jobs and tasks. We sell plugs from top brands in styles like corded/uncorded, both disposable and reusable, foam, banded custom molded and much more. Our wall mounted and table top ear plug dispensers and refills are perfect for workers and employees where disposable safety gear is needed.

Hearing protection by NRR

Safety equipment for your ears can have a noise reduction rating (NRR) which means it meets certain minimum criteria of protection. We carry NRR rated safety gear in both ear muffs and ear plug styles from top manufacturers like Howard Leight, ERB, PIP, Radians, and more. Our NRR gear is rated at various levels from 18 to 30 and is offered in many colors, styles, and price ranges.

Cap Mounted Ear Muffs

Working safely on the job site using protective headgear such as hard hats and helmets shouldn't prevent you from protecting your hearing and ears from loud noise. We offer a selection of cap mounted ear muffs that attach and work with your hard hat to give you safe, effective, and NRR rated hearing protection. Designed to work with popular hard hat styles from manufacturers like PIP, Radians, JSP, and Pyramex. We also have Howard Leight and cap mounted ear muffs that are adjustable, high visibility and even have AM/FM radios built in.

Howard Leight

An industry leader and trusted brand, Howard Leight hearing protection from Honeywell offer a variety of quality ear plugs, muffs, and NRR rated products. Shop our selection of comfortable disposable and reusable ear plugs, noise blocking and hi-vis ear muffs, and job site ready cap mounted muffs.

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