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Safety Vests

Safety Vests

A safety vest is protective apparel designed to enhance visibility with hi-vis colors like orange and yellow/lime. ANSI rated vests with silver reflective tape meet job site requirements that reduce the risk of injury. Add your name or logo starting at 99¢.

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Economy Safety Vests and the Big Savings - ANSI and Non-ANSI Styles

Economy Safety Vests and the Big Savings - ANSI and Non-ANSI Styles

Shop a variety of low priced safety vests at economy safety vests pricing. Save even more when you buy your safety vests in bulk. Low priced vests include both ANSI and non-ANSI compliant vests in a number of styles to choose from.

Safety Vests Hi-Vis Apparel - From Full Source

Safety Vests Hi-Vis Apparel - From Full Source

First of all, there are many uses for a safety vest. A safety vest is a type of apparel designed to keep the wearer visible and to designate authority. Safety vests often feature high visibility colors like yellow/lime and orange. Silver reflective stripes increase visibility, especially at night and in difficult weather conditions.

Be Seen with Occunomix Safety Vests

Be Seen with Occunomix Safety Vests

There are three classes of safety vests that Occunomix carries. Those types are Non-ANSI, Class 2, and Class 3. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute, which oversees safety products. Non-ANSI vests are the least expensive type. People that go with this type usually don't have ANSI requirements to meet.

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High Visibility Safety Vests

A hi-vis safety vest is a type of apparel used to keep the wearer visible and to designate authority. Hi-vis safety vests are worn as a precautionary measure and when enhanced visibility is required. Safety vests often feature high visibility or 'hi-vis' colors like yellow/lime and orange. Silver reflective stripes on safety vests increase visibility, especially at night, in traffic, and in difficult weather conditions. Wear safety vests to stay safe, prevent injuries, and remain visible.
  • Hi-vis vests include ANSI rated and non-ANSI styles. Select from ANSI class 2 or ANSI class 3 vests.
  • Vest styles include mesh, solid and ANSI rated two-tone color vests. Lightweight mesh hi-vis material provides better airflow and breathability.
  • Non-ANSI incident command vests are a low-cost option for events, parking attendants, and some come pre-printed.
  • Custom logo vests promote your business. Screen print logos start at 99¢ each.
  • Pink safety vests for women are non-ANSI rated but offer a feminine fit and design. They can be pared with other ladies safety apparel for total PPE.
  • Other hi-vis styles include black bottom, surveyor style vests with pockets, and FR flame resistant.
  • ANSI rated colors like high visibility orange and yellow/lime provide the best safety.

ANSI Class 2 Vests

High visibility ANSI class 2 safety vests are rated by the American National Standards Institute. This organization provides safety regulations and guidelines for workers. These safety standards ensure workers have the tools they need to perform their job in hazardous conditions. Working in construction and on the roads require enhanced visibility and reflective material. Public safety, incident command, and first responder vests easily identify you when minutes count.
  • Class 2 vests in hi-viz yellow/lime and hi-vis orange offer increased visibility.
  • Silver reflective stripes enhance light reflection and keep you noticed working at night or in poor weather conditions.
  • Low light conditions and working in traffic and on the roads require safety apparel. These vests are ideal for toll booth operators and maintenance crews.
  • There are a variety of styles of ANSI class 2 hi-vis vests. Styles include hi-vis mesh, solid, surveyor and FR.
  • Stand out on the job site with custom logo's that promote your business. Screen printing starts at 99 cents.
  • Hi-viz ANSI class 2 vests by brands like ML Kishigo, Radians and Pyramex.

Surveyor/Engineer Safety Vests

Keep all of your work gear accessible with hi-vis surveyor safety vests. High visibility surveyor safety vests, or engineer safety vests, have multiple pockets. They allow for visibility and storage on the job site. Select from professional engineer style hi-vis safety vests with pockets from name brands.
  • Some hi-vis engineer or surveyor vest styles include up to 15 pockets.
  • Both interior and exterior utility pockets help to carry tools, maps, tablets, and supplies.
  • Hi-vis surveyor or engineer style vests with pockets have a durable and functional design that come in hi-vis orange and yellow/lime colors.
  • Silver reflective stripes provide ANSI class 2, class 3, and class R ratings.
  • We have name brand hi-vis surveyor vests from ML Kishigo, Radians and PIP.

Safety Vests with Logo

Hi-Vis Safety vests with logo are a low-cost way to promote your business. Select from dozens of hi-vis vest styles like safety vests with pockets. We have ANSI class 2 and class 3 safety vests from name brands like ML Kishigo, Pyramex and Radians. Custom printed hi-viz safety vests with a logo are more likely to increase brand awareness and help with identifying workers on job sites.
  • Add a custom logo to your hi-vis safety vest and increase brand exposure. This can help your company grow and stand out.
  • Hi-vis safety vests with a company logo advertise and promote your business while workers are on the job site. Safety vests with logo look professional and designate authority.
  • We offer custom screen printing starting at 99 cents. Other customization options include vinyl heat transfer and embroidery. We can print your logo or text onto most styles.
  • Pre-printed and public safety vests offer instant identification and visibility. This is crucial for busy and crowded events. Incident commander safety personnel are easily identified while wearing vests.
  • Getting started with safety vest customization process is easy. You can design your vest and place the order online, submit a free quote or call our customer service team at 1-800-975-0986.

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