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OK-1 Knee Pads

Knee Protection

Designed for those that spend a large portion of their work day on their knees, OK-1 knee pads provide all day knee protection. These knee pads come in several styles and colors, so be sure to pick a pair that suits your needs.

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OK-1 KP-100SH Slip On Knee Pad

Item#: OCCU-OK-KP-100SH
$20.19 / Each (1 Pair)

OK-1 Ergonomic Gel Kneepad with Large Cap

Item#: OCCU-OK-KP-350
$15.59 / Each (1 Pair)

OK-1 KP-100LO Slip On Full Knee Pad

Item#: OCCU-OK-KP-100LO
$30.89 / Each (1 Pair)

OK-1 KP-210 Classic Cradle Technology Kneepads

Item#: OCCU-OK-KP-210
$18.19 / Each (1 Pair)
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