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Radians Starter Kits

Great for New Hires

Want to get your new workers suited up and ready to go faster? Then try on of our Radians starter kits. These kits come with standard PPE for new workers, such as a hard hat, safety glasses, ear plugs, and work gloves. Deluxe kits also include a safety vest.

1 to 8 of 8 styles

Radians RNHK2 Deluxe Starter Kit

Item#: RAD-RNHK2
$21.59 / Each (1 Kit)

Radians RNHK4 Deluxe Hi-Viz Starter Kit

Item#: RAD-RNHK4
$21.99 / Each (1 Kit)

Radians RNHK1 Economy Starter Kit

Item#: RAD-RNHK1
$14.99 / Each (1 Kit)

Radians RNHK3 Economy Hi-Viz Starter Kit

Item#: RAD-RNHK3
$15.39 / Each (1 Kit)
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