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Memphis Predator Performance Gloves

Be The Predator, Not The Prey

Do your gloves give your hands enough protection? Memphis Predator performance gloves feature a full tire tread TPR back of hand to provide additional protection. The Predator line comes in several styles, including cut resistant and cow grain leather styles.
Memphis Predator Performance Gloves
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Be the predator and not the prey with Memphis Predator Performance gloves. These gloves are designed with exclusive TPR tire tread on the back of the hand and thumb. This provides comprehensive protection from scratches, abrasions, and minor injuries. Some styles of Memphis Predator Performance gloves are ANSI cut level rated on the palms and have extra grip. This allows you to hold onto even small or wet objects with ease. The impact and knuckle protection is also puncture resistant, ideal if you work with glass or metal. Some colors available include black, brown, green, red, and high visibility. We have thousands of Memphis gloves in stock at low wholesale prices. Find the right pair for you.

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