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Marking Paint Wands

No More Bending Over

Designed to improve efficiency, these marking paint wands allow you to quickly and easily apply marking paint without leaning over. Three models are available, including a wheeled marking wand and one with a flag holder.

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Krylon K07096 - Hand Held Wheeler Marking Wand 34

Item#: KRY-K07096
$47.49 / Each (1 Wand)
5 stars out of 5 stars (1)

Krylon K07094000 Hand Held Marking Wand w/ Flag Holder

Item#: KRY-K07094000
$53.60 / Each (1 Wand)

Ameri-Stripe Marking Wand

Item#: AAPC-510
$50.99 / Each (1 Wand)

Krylon K08360 Line-up 34" Striping Wand

Item#: KRY-K08360000
$54.49 / Each (1 Wand)
5 stars out of 5 stars (1)

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