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PIP 10-K46 Kut-Gard FR Viscose/Kevlar Blend Sleeve with Elastic End and Thumb Hole

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PIP 10-K46 Description

Ideal for applications where arm cut protection is needed, such as assembly, plastic molding, metal fabrication, automotive.


Kevlar is light, comfortable and enduring protection against heat, cuts, lacerations and abrasions. Protective gloves and sleeves bearing this brand name provide assurance of compliance to strict performance and quality standards, and are produced only by Kevlar licensed manufacturers.

What does Flame Resistant mean?:

Flame resistant products pass specific ASTM tests that deem the fabric flame resistant. Flame resistant fabrics and garments provide protection against clothing ignition, sustained flame spread and do not melt or drip. The material resists ignition, self-extinguishes and the FR properties last for the wearable life of the garment.

PIP 10-K46 Features
  • ANSI Cut Level: A2
  • 60% FR Viscose / 40% Kevlar blend
  • Excellent thermal and flame protection from high heat and open flame of welding torches
  • Offers cut resistance for light duty applications
  • Exceptional comfort, lightweight, breathable, and shrink resistant
  • Kevlar knit wrist offers cut and heat resistance and prevent debris from entering the sleeve
  • Elastic end provides a snug fit and helps eliminate debris from entering the sleeve
  • Thumb hole allows protection all the way to the knuckle without sacrificing dexterity

Protective Industrial Products, better known as PIP, offers a variety of safety products from several popular brands such as ATG, JSP, G-Tek, Bouton, and several more.

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