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Safety Supplies

Wear protective gear that keeps you safe on the job. Select from hi-vis safety vests, hard hats, safety glasses and work gloves. ANSI class rated safety supplies from top brands in stock.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Meet job site safety requirements and stay protected with safety supplies. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) includes hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses, work gloves, and hearing protection. Many items meet or exceed safety ratings by category. These safety ratings include ANSI, NRR, Cut Levels, and HRC/FR ratings.
  • High visibility clothing is designed to keep the wearer visible to others. Colors like orange and yellow/lime are most common. This also typically includes reflective silver tape that is visible even at night. Hi-vis clothing like safety vests, shirts, jackets, pants and accessories are available from major brands. Most items also meet ANSI class safety ratings.
  • Hi-vis safety vest styles include mesh, solid and ANSI rated two-tone color vests. Lightweight mesh hi-vis material provides better airflow and breathability.
  • Hard hats, safety helmets and non-ANSI head protection like bump caps help prevent injuries. Hard hat styles include cap, full brim and vented. There are ANSI type I and II hard hats, rated for side or top impacts. We have hard hats from major brands like Pyramex, JSP, PIP, Bullard and MSA.
  • Safety glasses, goggles, and safety sunglasses are protective eyewear. They create a protective barrier that prevents dust, dirt, debris, and chemical splash from entering your eye. Most safety eyewear meets ANSI Z87.1 safety ratings. Styles include anti-fog, mirror, polarized, bifocal, foam-lined and ballistic. Select from name brands like Crews, CrossFire, Elvex, Radians and Bullhead.
  • Work gloves are hand protection made in a variety of durable styles. These include cut and abrasion resistant, extra grip, thermal lined, hi-vis, PVC dotted, and chemical resistant. Popular brands are Memphis Ninja and PIP G-Tek and Maxi series. Work gloves are made from cotton string knit, leather, rubber and nitrile.
  • Hearing protection is NRR rated and includes ear muffs and ear plugs. There are corded and uncorded styles of ear plugs. Ear muffs come in foldable, cap mounted and adjustable styles. Popular brands are DeWalt, ERB, PIP and Howard Leight.

Safety Vests

Stay safe on the job site and enhance visibility with safety vests. This work apparel is typically made with hi-vis colors like orange or yellow/lime. Silver reflective tape helps reflect light and keeps you visible even when working at night or in poor weather conditions. High visibility safety vests are worn by construction workers, highway and traffic employees, and whenever extra visibility is required.
  • Hi-viz vests are made in solid, mesh or solid/mesh styles. There are zipper or velcro closures. Most safety vests meet ANSI class safety ratings.
  • Popular brands of vests are Radians, PIP, ML Kishigo and OccuNomix.
  • Select from styles like engineer surveyor vests with pockets, two-tone, FR, black bottom, pre-printed and economy.
  • Incident command safety vests are not ANSI rated and come in a variety of colors. Select from white, blue, red, green and pink vest colors. These are worn by first responders and emergency personnel who need to remain visible.
  • Add your custom name or logo to safety vests with screen printing, vinyl heat transfer or embroidery.

Hard Hats

Prevent injuries with top or side impact rated hard hats. This form of head protection includes cap, full brim and vented styles. Most meet ANSI Type I or ANSI Type II safety ratings.
  • Fiberglass hard hats from Fibre Metal help protect you when working around high temperatures. They are used for welding and foundry jobs.
  • Slotted hard hats have accessory slots for attachments like ear muffs and chin straps.
  • Popular hard hat series are the JSP Evolution, Pyramex Ridgeline, and MSA V-Gard and the MSA Skullgard. They are available in a variety of colors and can be customized with your name or logo.
  • Common hard hat suspensions are ratchet, pinlock and wheel ratchet systems that adjust for a secure fit.

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