Embroidered Safety Vests

Get your vests customized with embroidery! Embroidery offers a unique look and feel, different from both ink and vinyl. Safety vest embroidery is most commonly used for smaller logos or names and is placed on the front of a safety vest or jacket. There is smaller minimum order required, but low order counts will have high setup costs. Some benefits include:

Benefits include:

  • Small minimum order quantity
  • Can be used on safety jackets
Embroidered Safety Vests

If you need assistance with placing your order, please call our friendly customer service representatives at 904-296-2240.

How to place your order

Step 1: Complete the Custom Embroidery FREE Quote form and upload your artwork in one of these accepted file formats: .eps (preferred), .cdr, .pdf, or .jpg (300 pixels/inch). Note: Artwork is required for an accurate quote.

Step 2: We will send you a quote after reviewing your artwork. To proceed with your custom embroidery order, email info@fullsource.com or call
904-296-2240 with your quote number.

Step 3: We will send you an Artwork Approval Form. After you submit your approval, we will begin printing your embroidered safety vests.

Step 4: Allow 1-2 weeks for your embroidered safety vests to be shipped once your artwork has been approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is embroidery?

Embroidery is the process we use to transfer a design or text onto a safety vest or jacket with the use of thread. All of our embroidery is done using an embroidery machine.

When should I choose embroidery over screen printing or vinyl CAD cuts?

Unlike silk screening and vinyl CAD cuts, there is no specific use for embroidery. Embroidery offers a more professional look and is often used for names or small logos on the front of garments. A good example would be to place individual names on the front of safety jackets. Of course, vinyl CAD cuts can provide the same service for a lower cost. Embroidery should be used when a more professional look is desired.

Are there any downsides to embroidery?

There are a few downsides to choosing embroidery. These include:

  • Most expensive customization option
  • Setup fees
  • Not as durable as screen printing
  • As mentioned above, we recommend you only select the embroidery option when a professional look is desired. Both silk screening and vinyl CAD cuts are cheaper alternatives.
Why do I need to get a custom quote?

Because of how pricing is determined, it is impossible to place a set price online. The price can vary greatly, depending on how many vests you are customizing and how large your design or text is.

How is pricing determined?

Pricing is primarily determined by the stitch count. This means that larger designs will be more costly. We recommend that embroidery only be used on the front of vests and jackets, but the back can be embroidered if desired.

The setup fee is determined by the size, complexity of the design, and number of vests being customized. A large, complex design being embroidered onto only one safety vest will bring a high setup fee. Simple, small designs on many vests will have a much lower setup fee.

Can embroidery be used on all types of safety vests and jackets?

Yes! Embroidery can even be used on mesh safety vests. A small backing is added to give the design or text support so that it can be embroidered. Again though, we suggest selecting silk screening or CAD cuts for safety vests.