Vinyl Heat Transfer Safety Vests

Need to customize only a few safety vests? This is the option for you! Our vinyl heat transfer option has a small minimum order. Because of the process that goes into our heat transfer process, we can only print text onto safety vests using this customization option. We will, however, print logos onto safety jackets.* Some benefits from selecting vinyl heat transfer customization include:

Benefits include:

  • Smaller minimum order quantity
  • Can be used on safety jackets
  • No Setup Fees*
Screen Printed Safety Vests

* Complex or low resolution logos may be subjected to an artwork fee. Some logos may be too complex for vinyl heat transfers. This only applies to logos for safety jackets. See the FAQ below for more information.

If you need assistance with placing your order, please call our friendly customer service representatives at 904-296-2240.

Color Options

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are vinyl heat transfer safety vests?

When we say vinyl heat transfer safety vests, we are referring to safety vests that have been customized by using our vinyl heat transfer process. Instead of using ink like we do with screen printing or thread like we do with embroidery, our heat transfer process uses a vinyl material that is heat pressed onto the safety vest. It is very similar in texture and look to the numbering printed on the back of sports jerseys.

How does the vinyl heat transfer process work?

The vinyl heat transfer process works by taking a piece of vinyl material, placing it over top of a safety vest, and pressing both together using a heat press. Before the vinyl can be placed, the text you specified in your order must be cut using a cutting machine. Once the machine has cut the vinyl, it is then taken over to the heat press where your safety vest and text are bonded together at 300 degrees.

How much does vinyl heat transfer cost?

Our pricing for vinyl heat transfers is not tiered and is the same price no matter how many you order. The pricing for vinyl heat transfers per location can be viewed below:

Quantity Price
1 Color 6 or More $6.99
Silver Reflective 6 or More $9.99
What is the artwork fee and how can I avoid paying it?

The artwork fee is a charge that is applied on top of your order if our graphic artists need to spend an hour or more making your logo “Camera Ready”. Before a logo can be screen printed, it must be correctly vectored so that it can be transferred to a screen. While sending us a “Camera Ready” image file is the easiest way to avoid any artwork fees, as long as your logo is a high quality image that is not too complicated, you will most likely not incur any charges. Here are the files we have deemed “Camera Ready” and some of the associated benefits:

Camera Ready Artwork

Typical Camera Ready art file extensions include:

  • .eps (vector EPS)
  • .pdf (vector PDF)

Advantages of having Camera Ready art include:

  • Faster proof turnaround time (1-2 Business Days)
  • Ensures perfectly accurate logo reproduction
Non-Camera Ready Artwork

Typical Camera Ready art file extensions include:

  • .tiff (Tag Image File Format)
  • .jpg (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
  • .jpeg (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
  • .pdf (Raster PDF)
  • .png (Portable Network Graphics)

Disadvantages of having Non-Camera Ready art include:

  • Slower proof turnaround time (3-5 Business Days)
  • Possible artwork fees may apply
  • Reproduction could result in loss of accuracy
When should I choose vinyl heat transfer over screen printing or embroidery?

There are generally three basic reasons why you would want to select the vinyl heat transfer option. These include:

  • You are customizing less than 36 vests
  • You are customizing safety jackets, as jackets cannot be screen printed
  • As mentioned above, we recommend you only select the vinyl option when you are printing less than 36 vests, printing on safety jackets, or require reflective silver.
Why is vinyl heat transfer customization more expensive than screen printing?

When deciding on pricing, we took into account the time and materials needed to perform screen printing and vinyl heat transfers. The screen printing process has a longer setup time, but the actual process of applying ink to the vest once the design has been burned onto the screen is quick. This is why we require a minimum order of 36 for screen printing.

Vinyl heat transfers have a shorter preparation time, but the process of pressing each vest is slow. For each safety vest, the text must be cut using a plotter machine, weeded by hand to remove excess vinyl, and heat pressed. This means that time needed to press five safety vests versus ten is almost doubled! This is why we are able to offer a smaller minimum order on vinyl heat transfers, but we cannot lower the price for bulk orders.

How much faster will I receive my order if I select the rush order option?

Choosing to add a rush to your order brings it to the top of the work queue. While this means your order will be completed faster, we cannot put an actual time frame on when your order will be completed due to other factors. These factors include:

  • Your shipping location. Rushes do not upgrade your shipping, so even if your order is completed quickly, shipping to distant locations will still take several days if you selected UPS or Fedex ground.
  • The number of rushes currently in the queue. While this is generally not a problem, occasionally we will have multiple rush orders in the queue. Multiple rush orders are completed on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Backordered vests. Placing a rush order for backordered vests does not decrease the time it takes to get them to our warehouse. We will notify you if you place a rush order for backordered vests.
  • Please also note that we still require your approval of the mockup(s) we send to you. The faster you reply to our approval emails, the faster we can get your custom safety vests to you.