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Eye Care

Emergency Eye Care Supplies

Our first aid supplies include Eye Care like emergency eye flush, eyewash and eye drops. We also carry lens cleaning towelettes & wipes for safety glasses. Select from brands like Radians and VisionAid.

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Radians Rew01116

Radians REW01116 16 Gallon Emergency Eyewash Station

Item#: RAD-REW01116
$205.89 / Each (1 Station)
Radians Rewstand

Radians REWSTAND Eyewash Tank Stand

$128.79 / Each (1 Stand)
Visionaid 01200st

VisionAid 01200ST Concentrate Additive - 8 oz

Item#: VIS-01200ST
$11.29 / Each
Visionaid Da006

VisionAid DA006 Wall Bracket - Zinc Plated

Item#: VIS-DA006
$6.79 / Each
Visionaid Du0166

VisionAid DU0166 Loop Velcro - Tank (2"x2")

Item#: VIS-DU0166
$2.99 / Each
Visionaid Da008

VisionAid DA008 Beaded Cable Tie

Item#: VIS-DA008
$0.19 / Each
Visionaid 01195

VisionAid 01195 Tank Drain Hose with Clamp

Item#: VIS-01195
$3.19 / Each
Visionaid Dm100

VisionAid DM100 Manifold Assembly

Item#: VIS-DM100
$34.69 / Each
Visionaid Mcdcap

VisionAid MCDCAP Cap Eyewash Sta Molded (rplcs DUO1619)

$5.89 / Each

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