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MCR Safety N9690 Ninja Ice HPT Foam Coated Gloves - 15 Gauge Nylon Shell

  • MCR Safety N9690 Ninja Ice HPT Foam Coated Gloves - 15 Gauge Nylon Shell
  • MCR Safety N9690 Ninja Ice HPT Foam Coated Gloves - 15 Gauge Nylon Shell
  • MCR Safety N9690 Ninja Ice HPT Foam Coated Gloves - 15 Gauge Nylon Shell
  • MCR Safety N9690 Ninja Ice HPT Foam Coated Gloves - 15 Gauge Nylon Shell
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  • MCR-N9690 - B
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Item#: MCR-N9690
$5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
(4.8) (4.8) 71 Reviews
71 Reviews
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MCR Safety N9690 Ninja Ice HPT Foam Coated Gloves - 15 Gauge Nylon Shell
Item#: MCR-N9690
Color: Black
Qty: 0
  • Small
    $5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
  • Medium
    $5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
  • Large
    $5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
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MCR Safety N9690 Ninja Ice HPT Foam Coated Gloves - 15 Gauge Nylon Shell
Item#: MCR-N9690
Color: Black
Qty: 0
  • Small
    $5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
  • Medium
    $5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
  • Large
    $5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
  • XL
    $5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
  • 2XL
    $5.99 / Each (1 Pair)
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Item#: MCR-N9690
MPN: N9690M
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Item#: MCR-N9690 Description

MCR Safety Ninja gloves are engineered to provide the highest level of innovation. Each of the offerings in the Ninja series include a unique shell and polymer combination incorporating the latest in hand protection technology. Our Ninja Glove Line offers the greatest assortment of dexterity, sense of touch, and protection. The Ninja Ice features a 15 gauge black nylon shell with a 7 gauge acrylic terry interior liner. Black HPT coated palm and fingertips.

MCR Safety N9690 Features:
  • Acrylic Terry liner for insulation / warmth
  • HPT repels liquids while providing strong wet or dry grip
  • Coating remains soft in temperatures as low as -58°F

ANSI Ratings:
  • Cut - A3
  • Puncture - 2
  • Abrasion - 3
  • Contact Heat - 2 (Less than 284°F)

Applications: Cold storage applications, Commercial fishing, Frozen food packaging, Agriculture, Construction, Farming, Landscaping, Shipping / receiving, Warehousing
MCR Safety

MCR Safety is a major manufacturer of personal protective equipment. This includes safety supplies like work gloves, safety glasses, FR and high visibility work apparel.

Item Reviews
  • Total: 71 Reviews
  • Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars
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Candice - 03/16/20
Excellent for stocking in the cold
Purchased these gloves for our freezer cooler stockers. Keeps their hands warm while providing grip.
Kelly L. B. - 03/14/20
Great gloves for freezer and cooler warehouse work...
Works great keeps hands warm in freezers and grip is great...perfect for warehouse work when your in and out of coolers and freezers all day.
Lani m b. - 03/07/20
Extremely warm and durable. You can't beat the price.
Carla - 02/24/20
Great gloves
Got these for my daughter who works in a freezer warehouse. The gloves are great, dexterity and protection from the cold.
Jim - 02/11/20
Versatile Glove.
brett - 01/30/20
Ninja ice
The warmest gloves ever can handle dry ice with them no problem.
Matty Cee - 01/17/20
Warm with great dexterity that's all you need.
Kt - 01/02/20
Boys loved them. Kept hands warm while hunting and flexible when cutting wood.
dennis s. - 12/31/19
Happy fast ship.
Maud R. - 12/27/19
Loved the gloves.
Richard - 12/11/19
5 stars
Used these gloves for years will continue using these gloves.
Kelly P - 12/07/19
Ninja Gloves
Ninja Gloves - On-time arrival, good quality and appropriately priced.
John - 12/07/19
Work great
Comfortable working gloves are good at keeping your hands dry with the coating. I find them better for me than the totally coated gloves because they are easier to move my fingers in.
Jason - 12/06/19
Great winter work gloves
I love these gloves to do farm chores in the winter when my hands have to get wet.
William L. - 11/30/19
Nice gloves
I am an outside forklift opp. I love these they're very warm and durable.
Rick - 11/29/19
Great for work
My son is an iron-worker and recommended these gloves for my own outdoor work. Durable, warm, well fitting, great for working and protecting your hands outdoors.
Health-Ade - 03/28/19
Great Gloves
These are great gloves for working in the refrigerated warehouse!
Lonnie - 02/23/19
Great Gloves
I was given a pair of these gloves to try out. I wore them on a cold and wet day and immediately saw their value and bought 5 pairs to have around anywhere I might need them. I highly recommend these gloves.
Dowling - 02/05/19
Great work gloves
These work great for our crew being outdoors in negative temps. I would highly recommend... great price and fast shipping!
misty - 02/01/19
I love this product, keeps my hands warm and dry.
Reviewer - 01/11/19
Love the gloves
These gloves are so warm! Bought 8 pairs to give to family members for Christmas!
Amy - 01/03/19
Perfect Outdoor shipping gloves
Gloves provide great gripping ability and also a soft lined warmth.
Jonathan - 12/27/18
My favorite every day glove
These gloves are my go-to for everyday things. They provide enough warmth to get me through most weather conditions, yet are form-fitting enough to handle most tasks.
Phillip - 12/14/18
winter gloves
These gloves work great in cold weather, work great with salt also.
C Anderson - 12/06/18
Mighty Gloves
My husband is always going through gloves! He works pipeline construction, handling cold pipe on a daily basis and I'm telling you what, instead of complaining of how cold his fingers are - I get the praise!! I am loving these gloves.
jim - 12/05/18
ninja ice gloves
Great product.
Jersen Construction Group - 11/09/18
Ninja Ice Gloves
Our shop guys like these gloves a lot. Very good for cool weather work around wet conditions.
Leonard - 10/16/18
just the right fit
Great and warm fitting gloves.
Chan - 10/13/18
Ninja gloves
They work well thus far, winter is yet to come.
David J. - 05/09/18
Best gloves
Love them to death!!
Natures Cover - 02/10/18
Great Gloves
All of our employees use these gloves when delivering coal or working in the yard. The coating helps keep the gloves dry when having to pick up snow-covered items and the foam lets your hands breath so they don't sweat inside. Highly recommend to our customers.
Alu - 02/01/18
Ninja Ice gloves
Love the grip. Tactile and warm.
Kaz M. - 01/31/18
I bought these cause we are always shoveling salt, or cleaning out the spreaders...they are perfect for what we do...I'll buy more.
Stece - 01/18/18
Works great
My other work gloves done come close to this. It was 7 degrees this morning and my hand felt like I didn't have on any gloves on I switch to this one once I got to my work truck and instantly my fingers were warm and out of the cold it's heavy insulated so it takes time to get comfortable using it to work on cables.
JRoths - 01/16/18
Love Them
I ordered these for my son (football coach) and was not sure on size so I bought one of each size and the small fit me and I love them. They are great for doing chores in the cold weather. He has not used his that I know of for football.
Alexis - 01/15/18
Ninja Ice glove
Good grip in cold weather. Using for mail delivery. Keeps hands warm. Great purchase for a great price!
Shelly - 01/04/18
Very happy and it's exactly what my son was looking for.
Sidemstr1 - 12/22/17
Great gloves
Best winter working gloves I have found for the money.
Jen - 12/13/17
Amazing Gloves
These gloves are wonderful, they keep my hands dry and warm during all those outdoor winter chores. Bought them for the entire family.
Bob - 12/12/17
Tire tech
Keep my hands warm and dry great product.
Gregg - 12/02/17
Great value
I have been buying these glove for ten years. They are durable and warm. Due to the nitrile palm, they can allow your hands to get cold in below freezing weather.
twang - 11/30/17
I am a mail person. These keep my hands warm and allow me to sort through the mail while maintaining a good grip.
kimcool - 11/27/17
Great gloves at a great price
All of our employees love these gloves. I'm glad to be able to afford them because of so many employees. I highly recommend these gloves for anyone that has to work outside!
Joella - 11/21/17
Good gloves
The gloves keep me warm and dry which is important as I frostbite my fingers and they are very sensitive to the cold.
Brandi - 11/20/17
We are an environmental drilling company with employees that put their hands in extremely cold water and mud. These are the best gloves we have found to keep hands warm.
William B. - 11/20/17
Operation Manager
Comfortable and warm.
James J. - 10/23/17
Last long and good protection from the cold.
Gman - 09/26/17
Cold weather gloves
They keep your hands dry and keep them warm. Perfect for retail cold area store stocking.
Margo - 09/06/17
Performance for gloves
I bought the gloves for work. Have to work in freezers and coolers. They work so well and for sure does the job of hands getting cold. The purchase was well worth it and will purchase again.
Carol R. - 06/05/17
Gloves are great!
Exactly as promised.
Sno Shack - 06/07/16
Work fantastic!
These gloves are the best! So warm and soft and are a huge help as we shave ice 10 hours a day!
Arthur g - 12/24/15
Ninja ice glove
Working construction outside, these gloves provide warmth while still maintaining dexterity and mobility.
A38099 - 12/16/15
Excellent work glove
Great winter glove, size runs slightly big but dexterity is good and very warm
Tav - 12/10/15
Ninja ice gloves
Just what I expected.
KC - 12/08/15
Good Gloves!
These are great for a variety of outdoor uses, in weather down to around 35 Fahrenheit for me! They retain a surprising amount of their insulating effect when soaking wet.
maryt - 12/23/15
I was given a pair for Christmas last year. I looked to get another pair. Price was great got 2 pair.
Isha2709 - 05/19/15
Love these too!
Used these for winter and they are excellent!
NY Contractor - 02/12/15
Difficult to order gloves without trying them on first
In fairness we did not get to use them. Ordered size XL assuming they would be the same size as G-Tek size XL gloves. Gloves were too big with fingers flopping over. They need to be a tight fit. They seem well built, but a little too thick.
AJ - 01/28/15
james - 12/26/14
letter carrier
I am a letter carrier and work in the most extreme conditions. These are the best gloves for both feeling the mail and giving you warmth, period.
Chuck - 12/23/14
Awesome winter gloves, have bought several pairs for friends. They all think they're great for South Dakota winters and working in warehouse freezer.
Willy - 11/12/14
All's well. The gloves are great!
VZaarge5 - 10/19/14
Ninja Ice Gloves
Great for work, warm and comfortable.
Trish - 01/09/15
Great Gloves
I purchased these gloves for my daughter who works in a freezer all day. She says they are warm, that her fingers have good dexterity to hold and write with a pen and are strong enough for her to open boxes. She loves them. Also, they came in size small so they actually fit her hands!
moabmike - 01/15/14
Great cold weather glove
best cold weather glove I have ever used, can still grab nails ect. very good price
oscar - 06/09/14
memphis ice gloves
Perfect gloves. very helpful. easy to wear and clean
Tom R - 01/08/14
Nice glove and price
Just received the gloves and can honestly say they are warm and dexterity is very good . I will be purchasing more in the future
Joseph Martinez - 12/30/13
Good in cold weather
Better than expected.
Jeff - 12/30/13
good work gloves
I was given a pair of these work gloves by the construction company that I work for and I liked them enough that I went on line and bought four more pair myself. They are light weight and fairly warm. dexterity is good also. The only down side that I have seen so far is that the shell gets snagged and starts to tear fairly easily. Over all, I like the gloves or I would not have bought more.
Scott Moulding - 12/18/13
Comfortable, durable, versitale
Great all around glove. Stop looking, you found the right glove at a great price!!
wkoz - 12/04/13
great deal
the gloves are better than advertised. customer support also terrific. thanks
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