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West Chester Rainwear

by PIP

For waterproof protection with high visibility colors, wear West Chester Rainwear. This safety work apparel from PIP includes rain jackets, pants, suits and bibs. The hi-vis yellow/lime color with silver reflective stripes offer workers the highest level of visibility. These garments meet ANSI Class E, Type O, and Type R safety ratings. West Chester Rainwear includes durable water-resistant outerwear in black bottom and FR flame-resistant styles.

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Pip Ww4033j

PIP WW4033J West Chester Type R Class 3 Waterproof Rain Jacket

Item#: PIP-WW4033J
$23.99 / Each (1 Rain Jacket)
Pip 4033
Pip 4031

PIP 4031 West Chester Type O Class 1 Three-Piece Rain Suit

Item#: PIP-4031
$18.99 / Each (1 Rain Suit)
Pip Ww4033p

PIP WW4033P West Chester Class E Waterproof Rain Bib

Item#: PIP-WW4033P
$19.49 / Each (1 Bib)
Pip 4540j

PIP 4540J West Chester Hi-Vis Stretch Rain Jacket

Item#: PIP-4540J
$45.49 / Each (1 Rain Jacket)
Pip 4540b

PIP 4540B West Chester Hi-Vis Stretch Bib Overalls

Item#: PIP-4540B
$40.49 / Each (1 Bib)

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