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JSP Evolution 6161V Deluxe Full Brim Vented Hard Hat - Wheel Ratchet Suspension - Hi-Viz Lime

  • JSP Evolution 6161V Deluxe Full Brim Vented Hard Hat - Wheel Ratchet Suspension - Hi-Viz Lime
  • JSP-280-EV6161V-LY - A
Item#: JSP-280-EV6161V-LY
$19.49 / Each (1 Hard Hat)
(4.4) (4.4) 70 Reviews
70 Reviews
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Color: Hi-Viz Lime
Each (1 Hard Hat)
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JSP Evolution 6161V Deluxe Full Brim Vented Hard Hat - Wheel Ratchet Suspension - Hi-Viz Lime
Item#: JSP-280-EV6161V-LY
Color: Hi-Viz Lime
Qty: 0
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  • JSP Evolution 6161V Deluxe Full Brim Vented Hard Hat - Wheel Ratchet Suspension - Hi-Viz Lime
    $19.49 / Each (1 Hard Hat)
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Item#: JSP-280-EV6161V-LY
MPN: 280-EV6161V-LY
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Item#: JSP-280-EV6161V-LY Description

The Evolution Deluxe 6161 Full Brim Hard Hat is a true evolution of the long established MK2 and MK3 hard hats. It's shell is made of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and has many useful features. It comes with a 6-Point suspension system with polyester textile straps.

The Chamlon sweatband has an Egyptian cotton core with porous PU coating for maximum sweat absorption, which is PH neutral and dermatologically tested. The full brim provides additional protection to the beck and ears against sun, glare, rain, snow, and falling debris. It also comes with a wheel ratchet which is the new easy way to create a firm comfort fit.

JSP Evolution Deluxe 6161V Features:
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) shell with a full brim providing additional protection against sun, glare, rain and falling debris
  • Extended back brim helps protect neck and ears from the sun's UV rays, as well as a run-off for rain and snow...short front brim shades the face while allowing excellent visibility
  • Brim includes finger grips on front and rear, as well as a textured underside to reduce reflection/glare
  • 6-Point suspension system with polyester textile straps offers unrivaled comfort without compromising performance
  • Unique "3D Adjustment" provides a precise fit using harness depth setting...unlike any other hard hat on the US market today
  • Evolution Wheel Ratchet is easy to use and creates a firm comfortable fit
  • Vented to reduce inside helmet temperatures
  • Chamlon sweatband for maximum sweat absorption
  • Universal slots to fit various accessories
  • Packed ready-to-wear with no installation of the suspension required
  • Meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2009, Type I, Class C requirements

JSP is Europe's leading independent manufacturer of "above the neck" Personal Protective Equipment.

Item Reviews
  • Total: 70 Reviews
  • Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars
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barb2272 - 10/20/20
great product great price
Boyfriend was needing a new hi-viz hardhat for work and we came across this one... he loves the rachet suspension for fitting and it seriously doesn't fall off his head when he bends forward. Couldn't beat the price either! Shipping was super quick as well! Will return to Full Source for any other needs in the future :)
Mike R. - 09/29/20
Great product
It is what I hoped it would be, Great.
M - 09/11/20
Great safety hat
Easy to adjust size.
Ron - 09/09/20
Great product
All assembled. Works great right out of the box.
Nick F. - 09/08/20
Well Constructed and Easily Adjustable
The helmet is heavy plastic with a good and easily adjustable fit. The venting is especially useful in the summer heat.
Nick C. - 09/03/20
Great Hard hat
Loved this since full brim but ventilated and ratchet (a must) to quickly adjust as hair grows, or head sweats. Lightweight so comfortable. Quick delivery too and great value.
Edgard M. - 08/14/20
Safety Director
6 point suspension very comfortable, best for cost!
Jeff - 08/07/20
Comfortable but vents don’t help as much as I hoped. Still a great deal.
JC - 07/25/20
Hard hats
The vented hard hats are cool and comfortable.
Jd - 05/26/20
Comfortable and durable
Great helmet for the price! Can’t go wrong.
Nick - 05/23/20
Sits high
The hard hat sits too high on the head. Makes it fill like it's going to fall off.
Andrew A. - 05/22/20
Shop Superintendent
The head gear cushion for your forehead could be a little better. Its still a good hard hat.
MME - 05/22/20
Hard hat
Very comfortable and easy to adjust... so far the best hard hat I’ve ever had!!
Barry e. - 04/22/20
Bad head gear
Headgear broke within a week.
Bill J. - 04/21/20
Hard hat
Liner is weak.
James B. - 04/18/20
Service Tech
Frank - 04/08/20
Hard hats
Very good product, very nice and neat looking.
gregg w. - 04/04/20
JSP Evolution Hard Hat
The ratchet helps make the helmet fit and stay secure to your head. Other attachments can be ordered for this helmet. The helmet is ventilated as well.
Christopher M. - 04/01/20
Hard hat
Nice for the money!
hsmitch - 03/27/20
hard hat
Good hard hat for work.
RAY A. - 03/26/20
Looking good, feeling good. Keeps my head cool. Stay cool.
Owner - 02/22/20
4 stars.
Mark - 02/01/20
Great hard hat
Very comfortable. Easy to adjust. Won’t fall off when bending over to pick up items.
Richard R. - 10/15/19
Operations Manager
Price was good, I guess you could say we got what we paid for.
Marion - 10/02/19
Just what I expected.
JB B. - 09/10/19
Really Nice Hard Hat
We purchased these hard hats for our field crew. They really like them. Look good and performs well.
Tom T. - 08/14/19
HR Officer
FIts our needs.
Rico C. - 07/05/19
Great Helmets
Quality products.
Steve S - 05/22/19
Vented hard hats - Why did it take so long to invent this
I have rosacea. Before the vented hard hat, I used to have mean break-outs which required going on antibiotics and steroids to get cleared up. The vented hard hat helped keep me clear. In fact, it was so helpful, I bought several for other people at work who suffer from allergies. Oh, and not only does it keep your head cooler, but the vented hard hat is also lighter than the regular hard hats we have around here. Win-win!
TeamTriad - 04/23/19
Hard Hat
Great Product, Great Price.
Joe - 03/29/19
Nice looking hard hat comes pre assembled and cool in humidity,most comfortable hard hat and cheapest I've purchased. Sincerely SD Roofer.
Rick - 03/21/19
Comfortable Vented Hard Hat
I like JSP's suspensions, easy to adjust and comfortable, even after a long day.
Rich Q. - 10/18/18
Exactly what I needed, they adjust and fit well.
awiley - 10/13/18
nice but big
Doesn't get small enough for my head. My old sun-viser doesn't fit it.
Bryan - 10/02/18
Light weight/comfortable
This Hard Hat is lightweight and very comfortable with the 6-point webbing. The wheel ratchet is in the perfect position allowing you to look down without the Hard Hat wanting to fall off.
Doug - 08/28/18
Hard Hat
Great fit, lightweight and the venting works well, stays on when bending over and looking up.
Perelco - 08/16/18
Hard Hat
Very slick and comfortable.
Karl - 08/08/18
Nice Hard Hat
Very comfortable.
Lance - 07/24/18
Full brim hard hat/helmet
Great item especially for Search-And-Rescue where visibility in the field is paramount. Adjustable fit helps, of course. Having a brim on the helmet back helps to eliminate sunburn, and is an attachment point for cowl, sunshileld or rain shield.
Bo - 07/19/18
Our roofers love these hats we have been using now for 18 months. We are located in South Georgia where it is hot and humid. They are lightweight and fit well. Our crews love the vents. We do replace parts in them as needed. The sweatband is good for about 3 to 4 months but replacements are available on the site. I highly recommend these hats.
ACaballero - 06/08/18
Great Hard Hat
I like the fact that the hat has a full brim for 360 degree protection. The wheel ratchet suspension makes adjusting the hat easy and keeps it snug and comfortable.
Christina - 05/22/18
Best for high temp areas
Bought 2, one for myself & the husband. Goodbye to sweaty head while giving protection. Stays on while bending the head. Highly recommend.
Dwayne - 04/12/18
Terminal Manager
The comfort of the hard hat is awesome.
Kayla N. - 03/29/18
Precision General Commercial Contractors
In California, heat vents are IMPORTANT therefore more than just a good fit! Thank you! Too bad an option to imprint a decent size logo was not an option. Space is available in the design, the equipment to accomplish must not be in sync for a modern look.
Fred - 03/20/18
Lead Investigator
Ordered several for a large site investigation, did a great job they were very comfortable never had an issue with falling off easy to adjust. The downside was the vented top, we were working a large commercial fire scene all the dust and ash in the air went in thru the vents and into your hair.
JLKJim - 03/12/18
Not the best Inserts
I would prefer plastic forehead band than that leathery substance that falls apart but the vented hard hat, in general, is very nice.
Robin B. - 03/07/18
Too big
I like it I just can't adjust it tight enough.
Jose A. - 02/22/18
Worst quality ever
Only lasted a few hours. The clips inside broke while I was trying to adjust it to my size. The suspension straps are very cheap plastic.
Rick G. - 02/20/18
Hard Hats
The hard hat had was an excellent choice as it was priced right and sturdy.
Tierra Verde Builders - 02/10/18
When we switched to these hard hats in Arizona, our employees were glad to wear them.
Neal - 12/14/17
Great product
Very comfortable, easy adjustment. Would recommend.
David - 12/11/17
Good hat
Fits very well not heavy.
Bill - 12/11/17
Great product and service.
matt t. - 11/30/17
Not too bad, good price.
Miner - 11/27/17
Good Stuff
Stays on your head even when bent over, ventilation is good, comfort is good, sweat-wicking band is nice.
M. C. Bass Electrical Contractor, Inc. - 11/08/17
Great Hard Hat
Vents make it a five-star rating in Florida!
Jen - 10/09/17
Employee favorites
Employees like the full brim, vented hard hats. The ratcheting fit-mechanism ensure a great custom fit that is both comfortable and secure.
Grey Forest Utilities - 08/29/17
nice hard hat
Very lightweight and the ratcheting system worked fine. My guys liked them and the vents help in the heat.
Augustina - 08/16/17
Vented hard hats
I am a safety professional out at Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks Nevada. We put a lot of miles in on this site. These hard hats are AWESOME. Much cooler than the non-vented, along with being a lightweight!! My safety crew loves them!
Style - 07/31/17
Full source purchace
Awesome love my new hard hats.
Skipper - 07/31/17
This product is great for several reasons. Start off with comfort, it has many adjustment settings such as circumference and depth to sit comfortably on the head making it enjoyable to wear throughout the workday. Also, the hard hat is lightweight, the vent holes actually make it cool to wear on a hot day and the price for the product is unbeatable for the quality.
Mike - 05/31/17
Just what I needed
As advertised a good hard hat.
hatchetman - 05/23/17
Great price, Vents are necessary
Meets OSHA standards, love the color, the vents definitely keep my head cooler in the full on sun. Love the brim.
Ted G. - 07/01/16
Great hard hat
Purchased 22 and all the employees like the new lime color, they fit well and are easy to adjust. I just submitted a purchase order for 10 more. I would have like to seen matching hard hat mounted ear muffs ranging from 27dB or 30dB available.
Tom - 03/29/16
Great hard hat for the price.
CGATX - 01/07/15
Full Brim Vented Hard Hat
the vented part of the hat is great but the ratchet system is weak, very weak. in fact, if you buy this hard hat, go ahead and purchase a new ratcheting system.
Richard - 09/29/13
Profile Sits Too High
Well made. Profile sits too high.
Kenny Wright - 04/08/15
This hard hat is very comfortable and the ratchet system works well. I added a sweat pad to the headband for extra comfort.
Mr D - 12/26/13
JSP Evolution Deluxe Full Brim Hard Hat
Ratchet doesn't hold size well and snags hair. Vents great!
Nate - 11/17/14
Good hard hat. The only thing I would like is a better ratcheting system and a little more padding on the head band.
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