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PIP 33-B125 G-Tek GP Seamless Knit Nylon Gloves - Polyurethane Coated Smooth Grip

  • PIP 33-B125 G-Tek GP Seamless Knit Nylon Gloves - Polyurethane Coated Smooth Grip
Item#: PIP-33-B125
$1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
(4.6) (4.6) 93 Reviews
93 Reviews
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PIP 33-B125 G-Tek GP Seamless Knit Nylon Gloves - Polyurethane Coated Smooth Grip
Item#: PIP-33-B125
Color: Black
Qty: 0
  • XS
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
    Out of stock until: 11/03/2020
  • Small
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
  • Medium
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
  • Large
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
  • 2XL
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
    220 available
    Restock: 10/31/2020
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PIP 33-B125 G-Tek GP Seamless Knit Nylon Gloves - Polyurethane Coated Smooth Grip
Item#: PIP-33-B125
Color: Black
Qty: 0
  • XS
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
    Out of stock until: 11/03/2020
  • Small
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
  • Medium
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
  • Large
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
  • XL
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
  • 2XL
    $1.19 / Each (1 Pair)
    220 available
    Restock: 10/31/2020
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Item#: PIP-33-B125
MPN: 33-B125-FS
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Item#: PIP-33-B125 Description

Used in electronic and computer assembly, quality control, inspection and general assembly.

PIP 33-B125 Features:
  • ANSI Cut Level 1
  • Seamless knit nylon shell offers increased comfort, finger dexterity and breathability
  • Polyurethane (PU) coatings offer great puncture and abrasion resistance while offering excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Knit Wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • Breathable back for comfort
  • Pair packed for ease of distribution

EN 388 is a European Standard. It tests the Abrasion, Cut, Tear and Puncture characteristics of a product to determine its mechanical protection. Performance Level is ranked from 4 to 1, except for cut, which is ranked from 5 to 1.

EN 388 Results: 4131XX
  • Abrasion: 4
  • Cut: 1
  • Tear: 3
  • Puncture: 1
  • Cut (TDM-100 Test): X
  • Impact Protection: X

Protective Industrial Products, better known as PIP, offers a variety of safety products from several popular brands such as Bolle, JSP, G-Tek, Bouton, and several more.

Item Reviews
  • Total: 93 Reviews
  • Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars
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Robert - 10/06/20
They work great, very easy to work with. Excellent for shooting guns and light work gloves.
Andy A. - 09/29/20
Garden gloves
Excellent for garden work and I use them all the time. Great product.
Tom S. - 09/29/20
Great around the house and yard work gloves
Great fit and very comfortable. They last a long time with constant use. They can be hand rinsed/washed if they get real dirty. I use them for yard work all the time and go through probably 10 pair a year. I highly recommend these gloves!
Mr Grip - 09/10/20
The go to gloves
For work I use my gloves for they were perfect.
Sugarbear - 08/01/20
Nylon gloves with poly grip
Fast service. The gloves were exactly as described. A very good quality product at a decent price.
Martin K J. - 07/01/20
Wonderful Gloves
Efficient, Comfortable.
Saboor - 06/19/20
Excellent price excellent value
The gloves are not heavy-duty but are perfect for light-duty construction.
Susan B. - 06/14/20
I ordered these for work and they are exactly what I wanted. I handle packages.
C. Taylor - 06/07/20
Great Gloves. Get Some
I was introduced to these gloves at a previous job as a cashier. After leaving that job, I was determined to find them. They're lightweight, comfortable and can be used for anything. I use them mostly for gardening and yard work. They work so well, I bought 30 pairs and gave them to friends and family. I don't intend to ever run out. The delivery was also very fast. I had them in less than 5 days. I am extremely pleased with this product.
Joseph - 06/04/20
G-Tek gloves where have you been all my life?
These gloves are perfect for many projects. They don't heat up and are very comfortable.
David - 06/02/20
Great gloves
Recently bought these gloves for work. They are awesome very comfortable and work great.
Stephen C. - 05/29/20
Perfect Gloves
Great value, well made, perfect service and arrived on time. Would recommend Full Source to anyone.
Carol - 05/27/20
Works great
Great for grinding.
Patrick - 05/26/20
My hands are getting dirty even with gloves on. When they stretch the fabric opens lets dirt in.
Jason - 05/14/20
Nice gloves
Nice gloves.
Salena - 05/12/20
Great Gloves
Love them...good for unloading the truck and pushing freight.
Tamara - 05/12/20
Loved it
Thank You.
Lance L. - 05/09/20
Purchasing manager
Have not opened the box yet.
Teresa - 05/08/20
Good job and thanks for caring about very small hands
There are not enough businesses that care for child size hands. As an artist who works with her hands, I can't tell you how dangerous ill fitting gloves are for carrying liquids, or trying to do something that requires a good grip. You can't grip anything with an extra inch of fingertips. I use these for my antivirus protection shopping and walking the dog. I use them for working at home. I bought extra for neighbors with small hands who have no computers. Thank you for the fair price, and for realizing that not all extra Small sizes are for children! In this world that is suddenly empty of latex and nitrile examination gloves for regular folk. I had to find something, and this was the ticket. Thanks for caring!
Tom - 05/08/20
They are what I expected
Exactly what I was looking for.
Val S. - 05/07/20
The best gloves I’ve had in ages
Great fit for my really big hands. Durable.
T - 04/29/20
Good gloves to use a few times and discard. Worth the price.
ProWine Products - 04/12/20
Absolutely Great
These gloves appear to exceed all expectations conditioned by price. Use the link to the sizing chart! It worked perfectly for the two widely varied sizes we needed. If the glove you order doesn’t fit, that’s on you. The urethane coating is tough though slightly thinner than standard $6-$8 hardware store gloves. Because of that, it provides better tactile feedback and easier pick-up of small parts and improves small tool handling. It does not bunch up as much at flex points under your knuckles as more heavily coated gloves do. For our application, this is preferable. We are not working with concrete. The description calls the coating smooth. While it is not an intentionally roughened or stippled texture that snags on fabric, a better description might be slightly textured by the woven substrate on which the coating has been applied. That’s good. It enhances the grip especially when wet. Too, the finish of the coating is dry matte. Others that we’ve had have been glossy and feel somewhat sticky or tacky because of it. These don’t. The elasticity of the uncoated back, knuckle, and wrist areas provides a secure, comfortable fit without being baggy or restrictive. That’s an interesting feature of this hybrid style of glove in general as there is negligible stretch or give in the coated areas, yet the glove maintains its excellent fit throughout a normal range of use. One pair – only so far – has gone through the washing machine, then hung to air dry. They came out clean and look brand new. Its nice to be able to wash work gloves! These are too new to have been damaged or worn out to be able to assess longevity. That’s going to vary anyway with all the different uses buyers have for them. Our use is well past the point where any inherent flaws or other disappointing funk would have revealed themselves. For now it seems likely that they will exceed all reasonable expectations of service life - way past anything suggested by the wonderfully low price.
Lori B. - 04/10/20
Great glove at a reasonable price
These lightweight gloves are perfect for the landscape work that we do and are affordable to supply to our employees.
D.G. - 04/08/20
Great glove
Love the waterproof coating on the palms of the gloves, but since the pandemic, I'm wanting a glove that's "completely" coated!!!
Kathryn - 04/02/20
Healthcare worker
These were great! Liked the added grip. Also sturdy enough that I was able to disinfect repeatedly without damaging. A lifesaver during covid-19! This healthcare worker with multiple vulnerable preexisting conditions REALLY approves of this product! THANK YOU! Wished I had bought even more given demand now.
Keng - 04/01/20
GTek gloves
Best gloves hand down. Shipping was very fast!
Kat - 03/09/20
G-Tek's the BEST
These are the best work gloves I've ever used. They last, you can wash and wear them over & over! I will definitely order more! FYI: First time customer and Full Source was the perfect supplier! Don't hesitate to buy from these guys.
Gary - 02/21/20
A little tight.
Roy E. - 02/19/20
Advertised as large, more like a medium.
Indy - 01/21/20
Gloves are perfect...
Fit and wear well.
R King - 12/18/19
Knit Nylon Gloves - Polyurethane Coated
Very good disposable gloves.
Ben - 12/18/19
Fit like batting gloves. Nice and tight.
Danny - 12/04/19
PIP gtek gloves
I've ordered from Full Source before and will continue to do so in the future. I know what I'm getting both with the gloves and Full Source's service. They're incredibly consistent.
Cryptoknight - 11/29/19
Great shirt
Tough, long-lasting. No shrinking from the dryer. Looks nice as both a work and casual button-up. Very pleased with the item.
bugman - 11/27/19
My new favorite glove
I have purchased these before, and love the excellent dexterity they allow. I use these when handling treated lumber, or when handling screws and other fasteners - I can pick up small fasteners well, and the grip is great for general use in the shop or on the job. The coating is water-resistant, and the glove is fast-drying if they get submerged. They wear well enough, and the price is right - so I will keep wearing them and would recommend to a friend.
Caliber structural - 11/01/19
Awesome gloves
Used for tying rebar. Great gloves very thin palm but tough. Run slightly small but not too bad.
Rob Z - 08/30/19
Great lightweight glove
I've used these for a week now. They are holding up well. Work in the foodservice industry. Handle about 500 cases daily. Hoping to get at least 2 weeks of use out of a pair.
Paul M. - 08/02/19
Great value
Awesome gloves for the price.
bbh npi - 06/20/19
A little small
I ordered these, thinking they'd fit. The mediums fit tighter and seem to have shorter fingers.
LT - 05/30/19
They do not last long, we got 2 weeks out of them. This is working with them Monday through Friday, handling boxes. They rip at the fingertips.
Steven - 04/24/19
Good Gloves
Good quality and you're able to wash them when they get dirty without ruining the grip.
Helen M. - 01/03/19
Charities of Hope - 11/29/18
Great and durable gloves.
Great gloves!
T Wisk - 11/28/18
Great quality, fit & price
I ordered a couple dozen of these gloves for a humanitarian trip as a donation. The gloves have a nice tight fit so you can feel what you are working on. The dipped front adds to the durability and last of the glove. I would order these again if needed. The cost was exactly what I was looking for as well. G-Tek always good reliable quality/
Bob - 10/26/18
Nice and tight (if you get the right size) lasts a good while, nice cost in comparison to others I've found.
pngwn208 - 10/24/18
great value
Great transaction!!! Recommend!!!!
F. - 10/03/18
Great glove at a great price. Good buy.
scooper - 09/14/18
Good Gloves
Really like the fit of these gloves. Like using them for yard work. I recommend them.
bob - 08/31/18
what you pay for
They are what you pay for good cheap gloves.
Grandma - 08/29/18
Good gloves perfect price and they work well.
LH - 08/27/18
Low cost, meets our needs
The cost per set is $1, if left onsite, we won't fret. Suits the purpose they were intended for.
Seth - 06/24/18
Great product
Very durable product for the price. I wore one pair for a week running a chainsaw, and trimming trees. One small tear started between the index finger and thumb.
Carolina Industrial Systems - 06/13/18
Quick and on point
The gloves we ordered were delivered quickly and were exactly what we needed.
McCosh - 06/01/18
Good Value
Great gloves for the price in doing daily tasks.
SLiM - 05/30/18
Great Value
This glove has always been one of my favorites. Good glove for a great price.
Ann - 04/26/18
Love the gloves. They protect my hands from the coolant at work.
Joanne - 03/26/18
These are great gloves. You can protect your hands and still be able to grip items.
Anji - 03/22/18
Good glove good price
I work with plants, and these are the only gloves I wear. I use the daily all day. These are washable and long lasting. With my last job, I handled bags of fertilizer and ironite and other bagged chemicals. Kept my hands clean and also held up for months with daily wear and weekly washing. I own at least 30 pairs at a time. This is the best price including FAST shipping I've found in years.
Jerome - 03/22/18
Merchandising Gloves
Thanks...Gloves are hard to find at any store.
Dan - 03/13/18
Great Gloves
These gloves are comparable to their more popular counterpart. I highly recommend them.
Harry - 03/09/18
Great cheap work gloves.
Darrell - 03/06/18
Last a good time.
Lorenzo - 03/01/18
Great for the price
A solid purchase would buy again.
Knit nylon glove - 02/22/18
Pip 33 B125
Loved it.
G Tek - 02/16/18
Work good.
Elduan - 02/14/18
Great grip
I use these gloves on my wheel chair so I have a good grip and it's lightweight thus no sweaty palms.
Tom B - 02/05/18
Sweet gloves
Bought these gloves to go under my latex gloves on cold days. I also use them during hunting season, make great driving gloves too.
Phileh - 01/12/18
Black neuropathy gloves
Gloves arrived on schedule and work as needed for mild warmth.
Donnae - 01/12/18
purchase for son
I purchased these gloves for my son who is a stagehand and loves them to run cable with.
daclark627 - 01/11/18
disposable gloves
If these gloves last me a day or two, I'm good. Usually, they last a week and that's great. I've washed them with my work clothes and they keep on going for another day or two. Great product.
philsaun - 01/05/18
Great utility gloves
I love these gloves. They are great for all kinds of around the housework like vacuuming or whenever one wants to protect one’s hands yet still providing full dexterity. I especially like them when driving as they allow more friction on the wheel for less grip. Also, they are great for winter use and can easily fit under heavy winter gloves which, when removed, provide some protection from the cold. I have purchased many of different sizes and given them to others to use as needed. There are no seams – amazing and have much back-of-the-hand ventilation. You need to look no farther than these gloves and the shipping is amazing – ordered online on a Sunday, in my mailbox that Wednesday – wow!
Erica M - 01/03/18
Gtek gloves
Can’t beat these gloves for the value. Durable and comfortable.
Brently - 12/20/17
Great gloves
Excellent gloves. Can actually work in these. Not good at all for warmth, but great for protecting and grip.
david - 12/12/17
Good service, good price.
Edaw - 12/04/17
I'l be back to buy again! Awesome deal!
Lois - 11/30/17
G-Tek gloves
Not like the original G -Tek gloves I bought several years ago, would not buy them again.
Josephine - 11/24/17
Great deal!
Lindsey - 11/13/17
Works really good for the price.
Ging - 11/03/17
Good for the price
I use this gloves for my work and although it did not last for a week the price is good enough.
Dm - 10/26/17
Thumbs down
Poor quality but worth a dollar. Would not purchase again.
Martin - 10/25/17
Seem to be of good quality and have a good grip.
Beard - 10/24/17
These gloves are great for work. I'm a network cable installer. Worth the bulk rate.
Charles - 09/10/17
Received item and were a little tight but otherwise good.
Androo R. - 09/06/17
Comparable to gorilla grip
Perfect for wet and dry work. They dry quickly.
C.C. - 08/26/17
The gloves came just as described and the quality is excellent! The size chart is 100% accurate, which is extremely important. When buying in larger quantities, the price plus free S&H are the best around! Very Pleased, and will undoubtedly return fro additional purchases.
Robert C. - 08/16/17
Smaller fit
Didn't fit like the Memphis gloves.
Jen - 08/01/17
Not sure why they are so cheap!
My 10 and 12-year-old and I used these for a week on a mission trip. We shoveled, mixed and poured concrete for 8 hours. We then rinsed with water and repeated for 7 days...brought them home and washed in the washer and they still look brand new.
Cass - 05/25/17
They are of average quality. My husband works for a tire shop and they last a day of 8hrs hard work.
dave beasley - 05/25/15
Not Quiet
Great protection for hands, but they lack a feeling of comfort. I thought the mesh back would be a great compromise in terms of comfort and gripping ability, but there is no air flow and the hands remain somewhat clammy during use.
Woody - 04/16/15
Not bad
These gloves do run a little on the small side. They are very thin, but constructed well. A buck a price is a great price to pay for light summer gloves.
Mel - 11/13/14
shadetree machanic
The gloves were everything I expected.They protect the hands from everyday issues of a mechanic -not for warmth
workhard 24/7 - 08/12/14
Just what I needed
These gloves are tough with amazing flexibility. Just what I wanted.
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