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Venture Gear Hearing Protection

NRR Rated Ear Muffs

Keep your hearing protected on the range, at work, or at home with Venture Gear hearing protection. The VG80 series has a higher noise reduction rating than the VG90 series, but comes with slightly more bulk. A youth size for smaller heads is also available.

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Venture Gear Vgpm9011b Sale

Venture Gear VGPM9011B VG90 Series Youth Ear Muffs - Blue

Item#: PYR-VGPM9011B-Sale
$4.99 / Each
Venture Gear Vgpm8010c
8 Colors

Venture Gear VG80 Series Ear Muffs

Item#: PYR-VGPM8010C
$19.95 / Each
8 Colors
Venture Gear Vgpme20
2 Colors

Venture Gear VGPME20 Sentinel Electronic Earmuff - 26 NRR

Item#: PYR-VGPME20
$39.99 / Each (1 Pair)
5 stars out of 5 stars (1)
2 Colors
Venture Gear Vgpme30bt
2 Colors

Venture Gear VGPME30BT Amp BT Electronic Earmuff with Bluetooth

$90.10 / Each (1 Pair)
2 Colors
Venture Gear Vgpm9010c

Venture Gear VGPM9010C VG90 Series Ear Muffs

Item#: PYR-VGPM9010C
$16.65 / Each
Venture Gear Vgpme10
2 Colors
2 Colors
Venture Gear Vgpm1010c

Venture Gear VGPM1010C VG10 Series Ear Muffs - 25 NRR

Item#: PYR-VGPM1010C
$6.90 / Each

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