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Ergodyne Chill-Its 6603 Evaporative Cooling Band

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Ergodyne 6603 Description

When keeping your cool is the name of the game, the Chill-Its Evaporative Series turns hot and bothered into heat-beating happiness. Inside an ordinary headband is a layer of brilliance. To activate, wet the towel and gently wring out the excess water, then slap 'em on for hours of sweet cooling relief and comfort. With so many styles to choose from, Chill-Its just might be the best thing to happen to cool since Hendrix unfurled his version of the Star Spangled Banner on a wideeyed Woodstock Nation.

Chill-Its Evaporative Series Fundamentals

Our Chill-Its Cooling line is the best way to battle big time heat - from the foundry to freeway. Evaporative cooling bandanas, headbands, triangle hats, and hard hat inserts keep cool comfort on tap for hours. No matter what the application, Chill-Its see to it that cooler heads prevail.

Evaporative Cooling Band: Dampen this synthetic space age wrap to create a cooling aid significantly colder than ambient air.

Chill-Its 6603 Features:
  • Advanced PVA cooling technology
  • Super-evaporative, feels significantly cooler than ambient air
  • Activates fast and easy - run under cold water for one minute
  • 1/3 the size of the Chill-Its 6602 with the same cooling power
  • Use as a neck wrap by pulling end of wrap through slit
  • Wear for hours or for quick relief
  • Simply re-wet to reactivate
  • Machine washable
  • Size: 4" x 29.5" (10cm x 75cm)

Applications: Construction, Freight/Baggage, Drilling/Mining, Iron/Steel Work, Agriculture, Solar, Landscaping/Grounds


Ergodyne is committed to customers' comfort, with work gear like ergonomic supports, work gloves, hats, safety vests, and more.

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  • Customer Reviews: 28
  • Rating: 4.39 of 5
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James - 07/09/19
Cooling Band

Works well, purchased 65 of them for all of our employees who work on the factory floor. They like them.

Bill G. - 08/02/18

Just what I needed.

Memphis Customer - 06/28/18
These Do The Trick

I purchased these for myself and others for use in outdoor lawn work and exercise. They are wonderful, such a relief. Even in the Memphis summer, one lasts well over the hour needed to get in a few miles, and they work so well that I've been able to add a couple more miles to my routine. They're not just for construction anymore. :)

RAnn - 03/12/18

The Chill-It becomes rigid once dry - like a piece of cardboard? It softens when water is applied, but I'm not sure how comfortable it will be to wear? Seems like you would have to keep re-wetting it during use. Not very practical. I would not buy it again.

David - 12/12/17

Works fine, I will use it in the hot weather.

Griffith Farms - 08/31/17
6603 Evaporative Cooling Bands

Here in the Central San Joaquin Valley, our summers are very Hot! Hot! Hot! This year will be the hottest summer ever recorded with over 70+ days of 100-110 degree temperatures. This product gives our farm employees a way to stay cooler during those high heat days.

Vera - 08/30/17


Dory - 08/21/17
Human Resources

We bought a few to test in 85 - 90-degree weather for the guys working in our industrial plant. They really helped so we bought 150 more so they could all have one. I spent a good amount of time price shopping and Full Source definitely beat everyone's price.

Monty N. - 08/10/17
Houston Approved

I purchased 100 of the cooling bands for medical/first aid staff working an outdoor event in Houston in July. The bands providing a much needed cooling measure for the crew and stayed moist for a good period of time. Definitely, would purchase more when needed.

Angie - 08/09/17
Cooling Band

Great product.

Mike - 08/09/17
Cooling Towel

Our crews say they help.

Frank P. - 08/07/17
Use Of Chill-its On The Farm.

We purchased the ERGO-6603 for our farm employees to help them stay cool during these triple digit high heat days here in the Central San Joaquin Valley. We average around 48-52 days a year when temps exceed 100-110 degrees during May-Sept. Yes, September! They are working out great. The employees like them very much. Thank you.

Hot - 08/07/17
Person That's Hot

Worked great, temps were over 100 and they really make a difference.

Melissa M. - 08/07/17
Great Product!

Good quality! Fast shipping! Love it!!!

Thyme4Joy - 07/31/17
Amazingly Cool!

Cannot wait to use this on the golf course, beach, lawn mower, boat, etc.

Diane - 07/31/17
Great For Golf

I use on the golf course or working out!!

Kathleen - 07/25/17

These bands really work, especially when it's been 100+ in Lincoln, CA most of the month. Can't go outside in the afternoons without them.

Denise - 07/21/17
Great Item

Works great and is as promised.

Aaron - 07/17/17

The towel works well.

Deni - 07/17/17
Great Item

These really work, since I walk 2 miles every day at lunch these really help me when it is extremely hot outside.

Becky - 07/17/17
Ergodyne Evaporative Cooling Band

Excellent! Stays quite cool for over an hour. I haven't kept it on any longer than that, so I really don't know how long it lasts. Very good product. I'm considering ordering a chill hat from this company.

Camp Taylor - 06/26/17
Great Product!!

Helped our golfers stay cool in 100-degree weather!

Georgia Ballard - 08/01/16
Cooling Band

I ordered this for my boyfriend to use on his daily job as a truck driver. His only suggestion is that it be made a little wider.

Nancy - 07/15/16
This Will Keep You Cool

I bought this for my brother to keep him cool working outdoors in the humidity and heat of the summer. He really likes the towels and they do really work!!

Brenda - 05/18/16

We purchased these for staff members that work in Florida in the sun on concrete all day . We provide Chill-Its to help them keep cool and from becoming over heated. They work well for our staff and definitely help the guys stay cooler.

Tommy - 09/10/14
Chill-it Bands

My team loves them, helps cool them down, it gets mighty hot in our warehouses.

Nancy Jones - 08/07/14
Cooling Band

works great, dries out too stiff at the ends

Merri - 07/07/14
As Expected

I purchased these for my son's baseball team; they are the perfect size and help keep them cool during really hot games.

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