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Industrial Paint

Our selection of industrial paint includes marking and striping paint for locators and athletic fields as well as industrial and commercial coatings.

Industrial Paint Brands

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Krylon Marking Paint

Krylon is an industry leader and top quality brand known for some of the best marking paint available on the market. Shop our diverse selection of athletic field marking paint, inverted and overhead paint, and paint choices in a variety of colors. We also sell Krylon marking wands and striping machines which make application easier and saves you time. Krylon Quik-Mark and Line-Up inverted marking paint come in convenient aerosol cans. The highly pigmented formulas are fortified with optical brighteners. They won't harm grass or stunt its growth. These paints will not stain clothing or uniforms. Application is made easy with a non-clogging spray tip. There are a variety of styles of Krylon paint. Select from water based, solvent based, or latex.

Athletic Field Marking Paint

Designed for the sports field, athletic field marking paint will adhere but not harm the grass and is also formulated to not stain clothing or uniforms. We carry top brands like Krylon and Seymour and offer a large selection of vibrant colors suitable for any job. If you have a big area to cover we also carry bulk pails of athletic field marking paint which are perfect for schools, institutions, or sports arenas.

Krylon Rust Tough

Help prevent and protect against corrosion. Use Krylon Rust Tough series industrial paints, enamels and aerosols. These protect metal, steel and iron from rust in mild to moderate industrial environments. Styles include acrylic and alkyd enamel in both case quantity aerosol cans and 1-gallon pails. Krylon Rust Tough is direct to metal formula and does not require a primer before use. It dries to the touch in 25 minutes and dries to handle in 1 hour. This series of industrial aerosols adheres best to wood, metal and steel. Select from up to 25 different colors in semi-gloss and gloss finishes.

Inverted Paint

Inverted marking paint produces bright, bold marking that is easy to see and long lasting. Ideal for marking utilities, this type of aerosol paint is fast drying and available in a wide selection of colors and in either water based or solvent based formulas. We carry Krylon's Quik-Mark marking paint spray, as well as brands like Ameri-Stripe and Seymour. We also have inverted athletic field paint, marking chalk, and traffic marking paints at low prices.

Marking Paint Colors

We carry a wide range of marking paint colors suitable for all types of jobs in colors that range from fluorescent to standard primary white, blue, red, orange, yellow and more. These colors are ideal for field marking, parking lots, construction zones, and other applications. The marking paint is manufactured by industry leaders like Krylon and Seymour and sold at low discount prices.

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