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Radians FR Safety Vests

Two levels of Flame Resistance

Available in two different styles, Radians FR safety vests use either FR treated or inherently FR materials. While FR treated safety vests are cheaper, they are not rated for arc use and do not provide the same level of protection that inherently FR vests do.
Radians FR Safety Vests
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Stay safe while working around flames and wear Radians FR safety vests. There are two different styles of Radians FR safety vests available. Inherent FR safety vests are more costly but provide a higher level of protection and are rated for ARC use. Radians FR treated safety vests cost less but do not provide the same level of protection. Both vests come in either hi-vis orange or yellow/lime colors. Silver reflective stripes increase your visibility and help make the vests ANSI class 2 and 3 rated. Self-Extinguishing safety vests provide protection in sizes up to 5X. HRC rated vests meet either category 1 or 2 ratings.

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