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Bouton 250-12 Lady Eva Readers Safety Glasses - Pink Temples - Clear Bifocal Anti-fog Lens

  • Bouton 250-12 Lady Eva Readers Safety Glasses - Pink Temples - Clear Bifocal Anti-fog Lens
Item#: PIP-250-12
$3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
(4.3) (4.3) 78 Reviews
78 Reviews
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Each (1 Pair)
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Bouton 250-12 Lady Eva Readers Safety Glasses - Pink Temples - Clear Bifocal Anti-fog Lens
Item#: PIP-250-12
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    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
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    Restock: 01/01/2021
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    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
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Bouton 250-12 Lady Eva Readers Safety Glasses - Pink Temples - Clear Bifocal Anti-fog Lens
Item#: PIP-250-12
Qty: 0
  • +1.0
    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
  • +1.25
    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
  • +1.5
    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
  • +1.75
    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
  • +2.25
    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
  • +2.5
    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
  • +2.75
    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
    6 available
    Restock: 01/01/2021
  • +3.0
    $3.89 / Each (1 Pair)
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Item#: PIP-250-12
MPN: 250-12
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Item#: PIP-250-12 Description

Magnification reader glasses designed for mature women in the workforce.

Bouton 250-12 Features:
  • Designed for the worker who needs to see up close
  • Offered in increments of +0.25 diopters to give users the exact reading power of their personal glasses
  • Eva's construction better fits the facial structure of a woman
  • Lightweight, rimless design provides all day user comfort
  • Pink rubber co-molded temples provide a secure fit
  • Molded nose bridge design to fit the vast majority of users
  • 10 Base curve lens
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1+

Clear Lens:

Clear, crisp and distortion free visibility while meeting the requirement standards that help provide protection from projectiles and impact in general use applications.

Anti-Scratch Coating:

Treated front and back with a clear, scratch-resistant coating for a much harder surface that is more resistant to scratching.

Anti-Fog Coating:

Eliminates the condensation of moisture on lenses that causes fogging so your lenses and vision stay clear.


Now owned by PIP, Bouton Optical offers a line of ANSI Z87.1 compliant safety glasses and goggles in a variety of frame styles.

Item Reviews
  • Total: 78 Reviews
  • Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Melissa L. - 12/02/20
Bouton 250-12 Lady Eva Readers Saftey Glasses
The reader portion is too small to be of any use. It needs to be larger across the bottom of the lens and extend up towards the middle of the lens.
Evelyn A. - 12/01/20
Fogged up.
Supposed to be anti-fog, but did not perform as described. They do fog up. I do like the glasses, for the bifocal aspect and for the protection the glasses provide.
Lisa R - 11/26/20
Excellent just what I need to be protected at work & also be able to read at same time! Great product! Definitely will order more!
Carol S. - 11/17/20
Great vison with these safety glasses
Great view with these safety bifocals during Covid19.
Andrea M. - 11/13/20
Fit well
Great fitting and usable for multiple reasons. Great product.
Cora K. - 11/12/20
Great item due to covid have to wear goggles at work bifocals help to have to constantly changing from glasses to goggles.
Yvette - 11/11/20
Happy with my purchase
These safety glasses are very comfortable. I am very pleased with my purchase.
bev888 - 11/04/20
Fit perfectly without being so tight that they hurt my ears. Wonderful lens quality at a cheap price! I use these outdoors when it is cloudy. Otherwise, I use the tinted version.
Krista f - 10/23/20
Bifocal safety readers
Reader part of glasses is way too small.
Dell - 10/16/20
Lady Eva Readers Safety Glasses
These fit great and get the job done.
Nurse - 10/09/20
Not as described
These are NOT ANTIFOG. They fogged up the second I put them on. You get what you pay for.
Bouton - 10/07/20
Great for Reg Dental Hygienist
Perfect size, lightweight, and a plus to have bifocals.
Linda - 09/30/20
Bouton 250-12 Lady Eva Readers Safety Glasses
I need to wear readers and had to take off to wear safety glasses when required. I decided to see if there were safety glasses with readers. These are working just fine. Only thing I would prefer is you did not see the lines from the reader portion.
Jennifer - 09/26/20
Great value
I am mostly happy with these safety glasses. They are a good value, sturdy, stay on my face well. I only wish the bifocal part was a little bigger.
laura - 09/19/20
so so product
Having to wear masks and safety glasses at work the anti-fog work for a couple days and now my glasses fog up just like my other ones did. I'm a little disappointed.
Nancy V. - 09/05/20
Glasses are great compared to wearing & removing 2 pairs all shift however not completely fog-free.
Michelle - 09/04/20
Safety goggles
Really like these safety goggles. Just wish the bifocal area was a little bigger.
Debbie - 08/30/20
The Bifocal lens is way too small and they do fog up there not anti-fog I wouldn't recommend these glasses.
TJ - 08/14/20
Love the Glasses
Great product.
Medical - 08/12/20
They fog up! Great feel but can’t wear them with a mask.
Jacy C. - 08/01/20
Anti fog goggles
Fogs up!!! Very disappointed.
Amy N. - 08/01/20
Safety glasses
Great and the bifocal is wonderful.
Dorothy S. - 07/29/20
Safety glasses
So glad to find these at such a great price. Lightweight and very comfortable at work. Especially now that I’m wearing a mask. I hardly know they’re on but now I can see. The bifocals ate 100 x better than my Rx safety glasses.
Laura - 07/29/20
Bifocals are great
I love the glasses but they are not anti-fog.
Holly - 07/28/20
Perfect For Medical Field
I am a registered nurse & my husband got these for me so I could wear them in the COVID Unit & see to insert an IV without messing with my reading glasses. It works perfect.
WOW - 07/27/20
Great glasses
Great value.
Lisa H. - 07/15/20
Bouton 250-12 Lady Eva readers
These glasses fit comfortably and look nice. The bifocal is a bit small on the bottom that is why I only gave them 4 stars, but they still do the job. I would recommend them.
Extremely Disappointed - 07/12/20
The bifocal part is not useable, too low and too far apart
The bifocal part is too low and too far apart when wearing them I can't even use the bifocal.
Myrna - 07/08/20
Protected Sight
I now have greater protectIon for my eyes while being able to read labels. Smart buy!
Sandra R. - 07/04/20
love them
No better glasses for dry eyes.
Arlingtonmom - 06/30/20
Great eye protection with built in readers
We are required to wear eye covering at the hospital where I work, and the face shields we have make it VERY difficult to put readers on and off for documentation. These are lightweight, comfortable, and provide the eye protection I need, as well as the much-needed reading glasses I have to have to see what I'm reading and writing. I can't say that they don't fog when worn with a face mask, but that is ok with me...these things are a lifesaver for me!
Pam - 06/30/20
Perfect for Covid eye protection
Bifocals are well placed.
Noemi - 06/23/20
They are comfortable and clear, compared to the previous ones.
Sandy - 06/19/20
I have gotten so many compliments on these glasses.
Heidi P. - 06/19/20
placement and size
Bifocal way too low and small. Can't use.
Ditzy - 06/06/20
Fit great
Love the fit and look but the anti-fog is a lie!! Have to wear a mask now at work and these things fog up like crazy!!
Bev c - 06/02/20
These glasses came in so quickly it was amazing! They were packaged so nicely. I would say they are better than I expected. They are comfortable and clear. I would say perfect! Thank you so very much.
Myra M. - 05/21/20
not anti fog
Not anti-fog.
Greyfox - 05/20/20
Ladies Readers Safety Glasses
The fit and lenses are great. It still fogged some.
del fant - 05/12/20
Connie T. - 05/09/20
Love my Safety Glasses
Love my Safety Glasses and had a pink ribbon on earpiece.
Bridgette - 05/09/20
Bifocal Safety Glasses
Perfect fit! Perfect strength of bifocals. Comfortable. Well priced. Arrived within days of order.
Denise - 05/08/20
Safety First
Great for shopping these days I can read without removal.
Helena - 05/07/20
Cute and worked great.
Kris - 04/26/20
not happy with them
Expected the readers lens to be larger. It is a tiny spot to use! Would have preferred half reader.
Kristi - 04/25/20
Nice Glasses
Way more than I expected. Love them!
Barbara L. - 04/23/20
Machine Operator
Love the color of these glasses. Would love to see more colors.
Lulu - 04/21/20
Worked well for use in the hospital. Could read and be protected at the same time.
Cheryl - 04/03/20
I received it in a timely fashion
It looked the same as what I ordered. I liked it!
Nikki - 03/27/20
Fits perfectly and bifocals are great.
Sharon - 03/07/20
Safety glasses
These are the best bifocal safety glasses.
Eileen - 02/19/20
Camp Renovation
These safety glasses are the best I have found. The bifocal needs to be higher on the glass; I had to raise the glasses to see. Also, they do fog up if wearing a face mask.
Cynthia B. - 01/30/20
Attractive for safety glasses. They fit well and the reading magnification is just right.
Judy - 01/28/20
Great quality
These are the best quality safety glass ever. Love the bifocals too.
Kimberly - 10/13/19
I'll be purchasing more!
Bee - 10/12/19
Bouton Pink Bifocals
They're durable and dependable and at a great price for me. I have to wear every day. Being bifocals what a Blessing! Thankful.
Wiregrass Sparky - 09/25/19
Seem Very Well Made
Very nice. I also bought two pairs in blue for my husband. Plan to order more.
Mary S. - 09/04/19
Nosepiece large unable to view through bottom optical lens.
sandra m. - 08/28/19
bifocal safety glasses
Just what I needed for in the workplace. They are great.
Trish - 08/26/19
These are excellent. Fit well, and the cheaters are perfect.
Lady Eva Readers - 07/16/19
Safety Glasses
The glasses were great. Just what I expected.
Nat - 01/31/19
great bi focal glasses
Resistant and nice-looking glasses.
cindy - 01/09/19
factory worker
I love the glasses ordering was easy and received them quickly I will order again.
Janet L. - 10/11/18
Great glasses
This is my second order. Well worth the money spend. Durable.
Anne - 09/11/18
Bifocal safety glasses
Worked perfectly for my needs.
Andrea - 03/13/18
Bifocal Safety glasses
Love these safety glasses!! Good fit, great color, and design. The shipment came very quick. Exactly what I needed!
Kg - 01/18/18
Safety glasses
Work great.
Deb - 09/05/17
Lady Eva Safety Readers
Great safety glasses, I will always buy again and again.
Pcromer - 08/18/17
Great fit and great value. Comfortable and easy reading with the reading lens at the bottom.
Nichole - 06/14/17
Excellent! Lightweight and great field of vision!
Steph - 06/13/17
I can see on the shop floor again!
Jan Sandlin - 08/02/16
Safety Readers
Works great. Fast shipping.
Dialysis Use - 03/27/16
Registered nurse
best goggles! The best for dialysis nurses.
dialysis nurse - 03/10/16
bifocal, anti-fog
Not bad for the price.
lmckay - 06/02/14
Bifocal safety glasses
Great for riding on the motorcycle.
HBeachDeb - 05/08/14
Bi-focal safety glasses
Absolutely the best motorcycle night eye protection.
Sue - 10/15/13
Head of the class!!
I bought them for use in the OR. They were very inexpensive and work well. So far have only used twice, but they didn't fog up, or slip off my nose and I was able to read fine print and see well without wearing my glasses. Should have bought 2 pair, as the shipping would still have been the same.....
jill - 01/21/15
surgical technologist
These are perfect to wear in surgery. I was able to get rid of my shield over my regular glasses!
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