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Ergodyne ProFlex 380 Standard Kneeling Pad

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Ergodyne 380-Black Description

Never genuflect at the Alter of Ouch when you can be crouching on a cloud of comfort. Especially when these petroleum-resistant, silicone-free, wildly popular patella-pleasers are just waiting to put a loving, cushy layer of lasting protection between you and even the hottest or harshest Martian landscape. We're talkin' Neil Armstrong technology that will keep you comfortable longer than a Neil Diamond set list. Say, Cracklin' Rosie, can you hand me that filter wrench?

ProFlex Kneeling Pad Fundamentals

Folks who spend hours on their knees in one spot often prefer the soft support of ProFlex Kneeling Pads. Kneeling pads are there when you need them, not when you don't. We've designed ours with a special closed-cell foam rubber recipe that makes them right for just about any environment.

Comfort for static kneeling situations. Closed-cell foam is non-conductive, resistant to petroleum, and silicone-free. Convenient handle.

ProFlex 380 Features:
  • Compact size for optimal portability
  • 14" x 21" x 1" (36 cm x 53 cm x 2.5 cm)

Applications: Plumbing/HVAC, Mechanics, Utilites, Electricians, Flooring, Landscaping, Carpentry, Idol Worship, Industrial Yoga


Ergodyne is committed to customers' comfort, with work gear like ergonomic supports, work gloves, hats, safety vests, and more.

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