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PIP 34-874 MaxiFlex Ultimate Seamless Knit Nylon/Lycra Gloves - Nitrile Coated Micro-Foam Grip on Palm & Fingers

  • PIP 34-874 MaxiFlex Ultimate Seamless Knit Nylon/Lycra Gloves - Nitrile Coated Micro-Foam Grip on Palm & Fingers
  • PIP-34-874 - A
Item#: PIP-34-874
$4.59 / Each (1 Pair)
(4.9) (4.9) 122 Reviews
122 Reviews
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Item#: PIP-34-874
Color: Black
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  • 2XS
    $4.59 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $4.59 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $4.59 / Each (1 Pair)
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Item#: PIP-34-874
Color: Black
Qty: 0
  • 2XS
    $4.59 / Each (1 Pair)
  • XS
    $4.59 / Each (1 Pair)
  • Small
    $4.59 / Each (1 Pair)
  • Medium
    $4.59 / Each (1 Pair)
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    $4.59 / Each (1 Pair)
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Item#: PIP-34-874
MPN: 34-874
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Item#: PIP-34-874 Description

Designed and developed as a breathable glove, MaxiFlex Ultimate has become the benchmark for precision handling in dry environments.

PIP 34-874 Features:
  • ANSI Cut Level 1
  • Micro-Foam Nitrile coatings are compatible with light oils and will provide a good grip and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Knit Wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • 100% Silicone-free
  • 360 Breathability - Patented micro-foam nitrile coating offers 360 breathability, making it the most breathable glove on the market today
  • 25% Thinner - Than most foam nitrile gloves on the market while offering twice the mechanical performance
  • Form, Fit and Feel - Mimics the "hand at rest", reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort
  • Latest Knitting Technology - Utilized to produce smooth and rounded fingertips, improving fingertip sensitivity
  • Consistent Liner Penetration - From the nitrile, leaving only the soft liner resting against the skin
  • Optimized Grip - The micro-cup finish allows for a controlled grip
  • All ingredients used in the manufacturing and construction of this product are compliant with the REACH legislation
  • This glove has been laundered prior to final packaging making it clean and safe for use
  • The Oeko-Tex Association has evaluated and certified this product as skin safe from the second it comes into contact with the skin
  • The Skin Health Alliance has awarded professional dermatological accreditation following review of the scientific dossier behind this product

EN 388 is a European Standard. It tests the Abrasion, Cut, Tear and Puncture characteristics of a product to determine its mechanical protection. Performance Level is ranked from 4 to 1, except for cut, which is ranked from 5 to 1.

EN 388 Results: 4131
  • Abrasion: 4
  • Cut: 1
  • Tear: 3
  • Puncture: 1

Protective Industrial Products, better known as PIP, offers a variety of safety products from several popular brands such as Bolle, JSP, G-Tek, Bouton, and several more.

Item Reviews
  • Total: 122 Reviews
  • Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars
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Jay - 03/21/20
Product is worth the buy will buy again. Crew loves them.
kat - 03/14/20
Complete necessity
Must have for work.
Allan - 03/12/20
They feel like kind of like a compression sock, not tight but not loose material is thick, soft where you can feel what you're doing.
Marlon - 03/11/20
Great gloves
Protects hands and also small enough to get separate screws in your tool belt.
sandya - 03/07/20
The Best
This is a comfortable well-fitting glove that wears well.
Dale - 02/11/20
Awesome gloves
These gloves are great. No worries. I use them every day all day.
lee s. - 01/31/20
super GREAT.
Carrie - 01/29/20
Love them. They are the only gloves I have found that I can easily flip through the mail and keep my hands fairly warm. Others I have tried shed their rubber grips or get holes in them within 2 days of use.
Darla - 01/28/20
Awesome fit /great quality
Love them. Love, love, love them.
Marisol - 01/21/20
I am a stock clerk constantly opening boxes and these gloves are perfect for the job. Awesome grip and nice perfect fit. They don’t slip off of my hands like other gloves I’ve tried in the past. All the stock clerks I work with wear them and would not buy any other gloves. Love my maxi flex. I order a couple of pairs every 6 months. I keep an extra pair in my car.
Laurie - 01/16/20
Fit & grip
Fit well, the rubber grip is extremely flexible. Love them and wish I’d gotten them sooner.
Barb - 01/14/20
Great gloves
Thes gloves are very good. I bought only 2 pairs to try them. As they had a similar product nimber which I also have. Looking forward to getting more.
Anthony T. - 12/18/19
Greatest work gloves
Love these gloves great for all-around work, excellent dexterity with them.
Charlie C. - 12/17/19
Work gloves
Best pair of gloves I’ve ever owned!!
S&R - 11/20/19
Zappy - 11/08/19
Just what I was looking for
I got a size smaller so they would fit snug and they work perfectly for fine manual work.
Dawn S. - 10/10/19
Support Specialist IV
These are our go-to everyday use gloves for our mechanics!
Eddie - 10/06/19
Favorite Gloves
A while ago somebody gave me a pair of these gloves. I love the fit & feeling of freedom with these gloves. I looked around a couple of stores and could not find them. Finally searched online found Full Source had them. The price was fair for the quality of the gloves. They showed up earlier than expected.
Tracy - 10/06/19
These gloves are hand savers
I love these gloves. They are sturdy, can grip paper and my hands can breathe. When I'm working in the field I need these gloves. They keep my hands clean and protected.
Emilio l - 08/21/19
Need to get
Best gloves ever.
Sherrel B. - 07/30/19
They are great just what I wanted.
Pipelayers, equipment operators - 07/17/19
Good gloves
These gloves are the best for what we do, pipe laying/fitting, operating equipment, working on and maintaining equipment, opening the door on the blue room, etc.
Ken - 07/12/19
Good quality.
Mike R. - 07/05/19
Purchasing Manager
Good quality for a good product and price. Quick order and shipping response.
Lori - 07/03/19
Got for underground utility workers and so far working great.
E. Haley - 06/17/19
Nice fit
Once tried always preferred, as they say, will order again. A must have.
Bill - 05/26/19
Great Gloves
I love these gloves they are great!
Tony - 05/23/19
Awesome gloves
Excellent grip. Comfort. Safety. Can pick a dime up off the floor with these gloves.
Mark - 05/21/19
Very Comfortable
These gloves are a great fit and are very comfortable.
Jovani O. - 05/04/19
Maxi Flex Gloves
Best gloves in the industry.
Burt - 03/21/19
Great gloves
Great gloves to handle aluminum or metal to have control over material.
John - 02/14/19
Great gloves
Great gloves for dealing with aluminum or metal production.
prf251 - 02/07/19
Maxi Flex gloves
Excellent work gloves, durable and they provide a surprising amount of hand protection. Great dexterity as well.
MacG - 02/04/19
Very good
Everyone in the shop uses these. Great fit and outstanding dexterity.
PAM S. - 01/19/19
Great gloves
These gloves met all my expectations and I love them!
mark - 12/17/18
The usual good quality.
Roberto C C. - 11/17/18
They are great for work.
Terry - 11/16/18
Great gloves
These are the only gloves I’ve found that fit a woman’s hand. Very comfortable to work in. I save my worn out ones for gardening.
Heavy equipment operators and pipe layers - 11/02/18
Darn good gloves
These gloves are the best we've found. We are a General Engineering company, performing underground construction (pipe laying) projects. We operate equipment, use shovels and digging bars, lube up gasketed pipe, all hard work with our hands. These gloves insulate, protect, provide additional grip, all without losing sense of touch. I pull out my phone and enter the passcode with them on.
mietzer - 10/17/18
best gloves
I ve worn many styles of gloves for years but these are the best fit and feel Ive been wearing them for several years now ever since I found them when working at Amazon.
carl w. - 09/06/18
I wanted gloves that I previously bought, but I am still content and I will look more carefully next time at the surface.
dave - 08/15/18
not bad for price
Gloves work good but could fit better.
lee - 07/25/18
I really like these gloves I used them every day with the job I do.
Bryon - 07/17/18
5 stars
Awesome product and fast shipping.
MSCorporation - 07/16/18
Great Gloves
These gloves last longer and stay in better shape while still being affordable.
Walker Building Center - 07/02/18
Our customer requests these gloves. He will only use these gloves for his work.
Jaime H. - 06/27/18
The gloves fit well and are holding up to the abuse that I give them. I can operate my I-phone while wearing the gloves.
Sauk Valley Container - 06/21/18
These gloves work great for our production personnel. They protect the hands and yet give flexibility for close piece work.
PIP 34-874 MaxiFlex - 05/31/18
Excellent dexterity
I use these to start track meets. They keep the oil and powder off my hands and are excellent when I change bullets no matter what the weather. They grip well when reloading my starter's pistol.
Jules - 05/30/18
Maxi Gloves
Great gloves.
Greg - 04/27/18
Great gloves, long lasting product.
Ken M. - 03/30/18
Great Gloves
These last a long time. Great dexterity.
Joni T. - 03/29/18
The guys love the gloves!
Hoso - 03/02/18
Máximo - 02/14/18
Great for auto technicians.
Daniel - 02/12/18
They definitely serve the purpose. They do get wet and make my hands cold.
Hovse - 02/11/18
Paula - 02/10/18
Wonderful Gloves
I use them at work (landscape supply yard) and on the farm. I can feel what I am picking up and the items don't slip out of my grip or the glove off my hand. Comfortable and snug fitting. I can even pull hay off the round bale without my fingernails punching through the end. Love them.
Lance - 01/26/18
everything was perfect
These gloves are perfect for my kind of work. They seem to last a while as well.
Tom D. - 01/25/18
buyer/head electrician
My guys love these gloves they are perfect for the work we do.
Maurice H. - 01/22/18
District Sales Manager
Have been purchasing these gloves for my sales team for years, very consistent performance for my team.
Cindy - 01/17/18
Exactly as expected
Very pleased with quality and price!!!
jasonwinter - 01/12/18
Just what I needed
Not bulky, not too thin. Perfect for the field work I do. They keep the chill off my hands while allowing me to write and turn pages.
Philip - 01/11/18
Great quality glove. I would and have recommended these gloves to fellow workers. I work at a very physical job, handling iron all day long. The only downfall is the back of the glove does not handle grinder spark.
Randy T - 01/07/18
I like the form fitting. Easy to pick-up small parts.
Charles B. - 01/05/18
Deburr Operator
I use this more comfort Micro-Foam Grip on palm and finger to hold on any air grinders to burr or/ and polish all parts without nervous hands in shaking. And no scratch or dry hand!!! I love this gloves in gel-tek!!!
Martin - 01/05/18
Swear by them
My previous job used these gloves and I haven’t stopped buying them since. Lightweight, form-fitting and comfortable. It’s like my hand but with better grip. Handling boxes is a lot better. I don’t have to worry about the box slipping out of my hand because I just washed my hands and now they are too smooth to get a good grip. I use them when I’m working on my car also. Great buy and would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a better grip, less bulk and more functionality.
Hard worker - 01/05/18
Great Gloves
Will buy again, excellent for my job. I am a machinist in the Fastener industry, these gloves are excellent for abrasion resistance so my hands don't get cut up.
Michael M. - 01/03/18
Best gloves ever
I got exactly what I ordered and I am very pleased, thank you.
SDG - 01/03/18
Max flex gloves
Outstanding flexibility and dexterity. No need to take them on and off. Since I use a flip phone they work great for that too. Very durable for the price, several weeks with one pair is not uncommon. They have saved my hands from cuts many times.
Jamie - 01/02/18
Decent enough
These were about the only 3XL gloves I could find online. They still appear a tad small but perhaps they will stretch. There is a pink detail around the cuff that my husband isn't crazy about.
Anthony - 12/26/17
Maxi-flex work gloves
Good gloves lots of dexterity. Very comfortable with decent grip.
Harry K. - 12/20/17
Very awesome product
Will buy again.
Mark H. - 11/14/17
Like the gloves. Shipping is a little high.
Johnny D. - 11/14/17
Work Gloves
All my work buddy’s love them.
DS - 11/09/17
MaxiFlex Ultimate Gloves
Excellent gloves. Comfortable.
Jason L. - 11/09/17
gloves great
I have been using these for a while. An electrician had given me several pairs previously. I wouldn't work with any others. The one and only downside is you cant swipe your phone to turn it on. Other than that I love them. You won't go wrong with them. Great with working with wood, electrical, or plumbing. I use them for all the work around the my small farm/ranch.
j r - 11/02/17
Great gloves, fast shipping, reasonable price.
Marty - 10/25/17
They are great gloves they fit snug so u can do delicate detailed work.
Tom W. - 10/10/17
Worth every cent
Can't beat the price. I work for USPS and the gloves work very well working with mail. I buy about a dozen a year.
Marisol M. - 07/27/17
Great Gloves
The best pair of gloves to open boxes.
Caroline - 07/18/17
Great fit and price!
Best company online for work safety items recommend to all I work with.
Jamesp - 06/16/17
Maxi flex
Overall very comfortable gloves. I do HVAC work and like using them to work with sheet metal. One pair I've used for about 3-4 weeks with pretty heavy use and I finally got a small hole in them so I would and have recommended them to other coworkers.
Victor - 06/15/17
Best working gloves in the world
I work with my hands but need dexterity and protection. These are the best gloves I have found for the job! They are not waterproof but they can be dried in as little as 5 minutes after you squeeze the water out of them. The gloves last me over 2 weeks easy and they can be washed and used again. I would definitely recommend buying these gloves and I will buy them again from Full Source.
Erica - 06/15/17
Tear easily
Doesn't work well with cardboard.
Rsrich88 - 06/12/17
Best work gloves on the market!!!
Dimitri - 06/09/17
Excellent product!!
TMB - 05/25/17
Very form fitting, good dexterity. The back side of knuckles wears through quicker than expected.
Matt D. - 05/19/17
Maxi Flex Gloves
The gloves fit nice and don't wear out as fast as other gloves. I use them for handling packages.
Monster Construction LLC - 05/18/17
Great Gloves
These gloves are great all around work gloves. Comfortable.
Rusty - 08/10/16
Real Gloves for real men.
These gloves fit great and protect my crews hands while handling all sorts of sharp sheet metal. They last long and do the job!
J - 07/18/16
Love these things!
I work with sharp metal and wood and they protect me from everything! Great product!
Maria - 06/15/16
They are great!!
Merchant Mariner - 06/13/16
Great glove for almost any job. Washable, durable, and great dexterity! I would recommend getting one size bigger than you think you need.
Jerry Davis - 06/01/16
I love the fit and feel of these gloves.
Bob - 05/13/16
These are great!
They fit perfectly and I can use them in almost every situation. I brew beer, so during cleanup the water can make your hands slippery. They aren't waterproof but they give the grip I need when working with slippery gear.
IBS - 03/28/16
Excellent product
Old Blue - 03/07/16
Electrician's Friend!
I am a electrician and these are the best gloves I have found to work in. Strong but flexible!
The BeerMan - 01/30/16
The Best Glove Yet!
After using many different brands and kinds of gloves over the years for handling cases of beer, these are by far the best. My company issues two pairs of gloves per month free of charge, but not these. I bought these myself after trying a pair given to me by a friend. These gloves are lightweight enough to do tedious work, yet heavy enough to last about a month of everyday use. They also work with touch screen phones and PDAs. The price through FullScource is pretty good too! I will continue to purchase these through FullScourse for myself.
Brad - 01/12/16
Awsome Gloves
These gloves are great! Excellent flexibility while remaining tight. Better lasting the normal nitrile gloves (not liquid proof though). Can still operate touch-screens while wearing them
Anne - 01/12/16
Good gloves
Very durable gloves. Well priced.
George - 01/08/16
Like them a lot .
Recommend for hand protection from garden work to construction. Next best to bare hands for handling small things or doing things such as tying knots. Washable. Durable. A bargain at the price.
Dmyto - 12/26/15
MaxiFlex Gloves
Very good quality for the price
Kathy - 01/01/16
Loving these gloves
My husband loves these gloves.
Larry - 12/11/15
Best light weight, durable, non-slip gloves. Was given air now I ordered 6 more pairs for friends and family.
glove - 11/23/15
Toughest glove ever
Very tough glove, coating is very durable.
Jen - 11/18/15
Favorite Gloves
These gloves are great if you need to retain dexterity and protect fingers and hands from wood slivers and other rough materials. The glove fingers are a little short but, that keeps finger tips in the tips of the gloves for best dexterity, especially when picking up small objects.
Taterpicker - 06/08/15
These gloves are awesome. Extra grip for arthritic hands. Size runs a little small.
Wayne - 06/03/15
This is the second purchase of these gloves. They last longer than other gloves I have purchased in the past. Would recommend
gloves - 04/01/15
The best.
mago - 03/17/15
maxiflex gloves
This gloves are great you can work very easy with it.
tony - 03/09/15
great product
I have been using the gloves for almost a year. They are very durable .
William Albright - 03/02/15
Exactly what I wanted and I really like the price.
WaterBoy - 02/26/15
My New Favorite Glove
I use to think the Atlas 370 was a very good glove, but these ROCK. The Atlas had a slight slippery feel to them, but worked well unless you got oil on them, then they were very slick. These have a very tough coating on them that is both very grippy and long lasting. At least twice as long as the Atlas. And Full Source had the best price on them.
Thermalfox - 02/12/15
Just what I wanted at a much better price.
Mike - 02/09/15
PIP 34-874 MaxiFlex Ultimate gloves
Great gloves for the price
Sandy - 02/09/15
great value
These gloves are very sturdy yet durable for movement. I wear them EVERYday ALL day and 1 pair usually last me about 1 month.
ups driver - 02/05/15
The best
Best gloves ever!
maxiflex - 01/28/15
Awesome, good grip and nicely fit...
Craig - 03/05/15
business owner
Very happy with these gloves
Texcards - 06/02/14
Work Gloves
Good gloves at a good price. I'm very satisfied.
Curtis Carter - 09/09/13
Maxi-Flex Work Gloves
I really like these gloves. I like woodworking and they give great protection from splinters. They also grip very well. I have never worn a pair of gloves that the only time you need to take them off is to eat or when the job is finished. Would definitely recommend to anyone to try these gloves.
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